Dimitar Berbatov: Pochettino needs guarantees if he's to become Newcastle manager

Mauricio Pochettino managing Tottenham
Pochettino could have a big decision to make if Newcastle come calling

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov discusses the rumours that Newcastle are targeting Mauricio Pochettino as their next manager and says the Argentine will want guarantees about transfer funds...

"If you put Pochettino in charge at Newcastle and you go and speak to players, trust me they will pay more attention and take the offer seriously, and I'm talking about big players as well, I'm sure Newcastle will want to rebuild and include some top names."

Newcastle fans and players will be following everything with excitement at the moment because the proposed takeover could potentially put them in a very strong position in the transfer market, giving new hope towards starting to build something there.

The club are often around mid-table in the Premier League and it seems like they have become satisfied with that. I expect the fans want more and if the takeover happens there will be more money and possibly new players. But with that comes a tricky part because sometimes having more money doesn't mean you are going to make a good team. You need to know which players to buy and this is why the role of the manager is so important.

Pochettino would be great appointment for Newcastle

If the rumours are true, and Newcastle are looking at appointing Mauricio Pochettino, it would be a great move for the team. If he goes there then it will be the first sign from the new owners, to the players they are targeting, that the club means business.

If you put Pochettino in charge at Newcastle and you go and speak to players, trust me they will pay more attention and take the offer seriously, and I'm talking about big players as well - I know Gareth Bale is among those who have been linked with the club. I'm sure Newcastle will want to rebuild with some top names.

Gareth Bale and Arturo Vidal.jpg

If the rumors are true, the first thing Pochettino is going to want is a guarantee that they will buy players because he would like to have as many good players as possible at his disposal so that he can achieve the club's goals.

He has already made his name as one of the best coaches in the world. The question is, does Pochettino actually want to go to Newcastle? When you are connected to names like Real Madrid and Manchester United - and I mean no disrespect to Newcastle - there is a bit of a difference there. The biggest factor that would persuade Pochettino to go to St James' Park would be having the funds to buy players.

Similarities with Man City

It is an exciting project at Newcastle but it will be a challenge to attract top players, at least at first. If I was a player, and they were going after me, first of all I would need to evaluate my current position - where I am playing, whether I am happy with it, my financial situation. Some players will be tempted by money, while others will be tempted to go purely because of the new project, and some because of the manager. It's different for every player.

Some people are drawing similarities to when Man City were taken over in 2008 and their first transfer window. There are some similarities. At that time, I went to United and for me it was a no-brainer because it was more about the history of the club, the players and what I could win with that team. Sometimes big money doesn't buy you success.

Modric should be respected despite talk of Real Madrid squad overhaul

There has been quite a lot of talk recently about an overhaul to Real Madrid's squad, with Luka Modric being one of the players mentioned for an exit. I was at Spurs with Modric, only for a couple of training sessions before I left, but I could see how good he was straight away.

He's still highly-rated, maybe we don't see him in the headlines as much as other players but that's probably because of the way he lives and conducts himself. There is never anything controversial with Modric, he clearly wants to concentrate on playing football and his family. In that respect, he reminds me of Paul Scholes, avoiding interviews and doing his talking on the pitch.

Luke Modric 956.jpg

Modric is probably at home smiling and looking at his Ballon D'or and the trophies he has won with Real Madrid. He is up there as one of the best midfield players. There is a mutual respect between football players and they recognise his talent and you have to give credit where it's due.

For me it would be a mistake for Real Madrid to let him go. He has been part of that team for so long, when you are watching them you expect to see Modric in the midfield. I hope they can come to an agreement and I hope he stays there for as long as he wants. If they let him go, I have no doubt that teams will want to take him straight away.

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