Dimitar Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Jadon Sancho and Man Utd have failed each other

Dimitar Berbatov
Berbatov says: Sancho and Man Utd need to part ways

Dimitar Berbatov is back for Betfair to talk all things Man Utd following yet another defeat last time out, and with Jadon Sancho set to leave the club, Berba says both sides have failed one another.

  • Sancho issue should have been kept private

  • Man Utd lack both consistency and concentration

  • Rooney can still one day be Manchester United manager

Jadon Sancho's time at Man United has been a major disappointment. It didn't work out at all. There were high expectations for him to perform and everything was there for it to work out, but it didn't. If it comes to an end, it's a good thing for him to go to Dortmund because when a player is in a situation like this, he's looking for something familiar to go back to so he can regroup and get his confidence back.

The Dortmund move has probably been in the works for a long time because he's obviously not going to play for United again under Ten Hag.

The experience at Manchester United will leave him hurt, disappointed and angry. It depends how you see life and how you understand life - can you use this experience as a motivating factor so that one day you come back and prove everybody wrong? Or you say, 'thank you very much, I was not appreciated enough, I will go to Germany and perform there'.

So, there are two ways for Sancho to go and we'll see which one he's going to choose.

We can only speculate from the outside why it did not work, we don't know what the real story is from the inside. But it's not only Sancho, other big players that move to the Premier League have also struggled.

For Sancho, even when he was playing for United he rarely showed the level he showed at Dortmund. After the incident with Ten Hag, and then Sancho's comments in the media, I never liked the noise around it; it should have been kept private. Sometimes when you don't play well, you're on the bench and then you get angry, you can take it out on your teammates, yourself, or your manager, it's a chain reaction.

It's a pity because he had so many great games for Dortmund and he fully deserved to move to a bigger club at the time. Sometimes though, this is how football works - it goes the wrong way, and everyone is disappointed, angry and bitter, and the best thing is to part ways.

Man Utd lack consistency and concentration

We talk about the same things over and over - sometimes football can be like this. You have a good win, which follows with a loss against a team that you must be winning against.

The consistency isn't there and most of the time, the results aren't good enough. The lack of consistency is because Man United aren't doing enough on the pitch. That's it. Most of the time, Man United's performances aren't up to the standard they need to be.

The game against Nottingham Forest was a bad one. When Man United equalised, I was hoping they'd use that momentum to get a late winner and secure the three points, but the opposite happened. Forest were looking to score the next goal and they took advantage of the spaces left by Man United.

The two major factors when playing football are consistency and concentration. Both just aren't there for Man United this season.

January is now a strange month for the club. The only good thing for Man United is when points are won. I'm not sure if it's good or bad to have just a couple of games in January. I don't know what's happening on the training ground, but judging by the results, it's not good enough and more needs to be done.

No surprise to see no extension for Varane

Thumbnail image for RaphaelVaraneClapping1280.jpg

There have been indications that something is not right with Raphael Varane. He has played the last few games, but before that, something was happening and when the player involved is someone who has won everything in football with a big ego, he is probably going to decide to leave.

He might want to stay but the club doesn't want to keep him now, it seems. But we'll never know the truth. It's a normal situation where you just part ways. The question is after Varane leaves, who is going to replace him?

When you know your contract is up in the Summer, it depends completely on the player on how they deal with the situation. If he already has a club lined up and everything is sorted out and he knows he's going to that club, if he's given a chance to play then he's probably going to play well and do his job until the end of season.

If he's not that professional, and he's not playing so much, then he's going to think, 'I need to save myself and not risk an injury because I have another club to go to'. It comes down to how the individual thinks, is he professional? Is he not professional? Everybody is different.

You have some players who don't play regularly, but they're still strict professionals. You have other players who are not playing and they're not professional, they just don't give a f***.

Old Trafford needs another striker

Thumbnail image for Martial Man Utd.jpgMan United will sign a striker - if not in January then in the summer. Martial is probably going to leave. Rashford and Hojlund are there and Garnacho is very young, so the potential is there too. The young players will want to continue to impress.

United will buy a striker - but who will that be? I don't know. It's always good to have competition for places, it's healthy. On the other hand, it can be unhealthy if you don't play the right players because it can cause problems within the dressing room. You need to be careful which striker you approach.

You want a good squad, a squad where everyone supports each other, even if you don't play. United will go for a striker to shake things up a bit to tell the other players like Rashford, Hojlund and Garnacho to keep pushing forward otherwise other players will be waiting to take their place.

Mount and Casemiro can lift United

I remember there was a bit of backlash when Mason Mount was in the first-team and it became quite a delicate situation. Now, is Mount going to be put into the first-team straight away?

With Casemiro coming back from injury too, let's hope he can reproduce the form he showed last season. If not, questions will be raised about his form and age.

For Mason Mount I'm curious to see how this is going to go because he has great qualities. He knows how to score goals. Mount is a young player with lots of potential, like Hojlund and Garnacho, you need to show that potential on the pitch.

Ten Hag's voice should still be heard on transfers

There are some question marks around those signings, so it will be interesting to see how this situation is resolved. On the transfers under Ten Hag, people will be more careful and say some of the transfers have not been successful.

The new ownership will check this and say to Ten Hag, 'you brought some players in but they haven't been successful, so we'll help you and together we'll try to find the best possible solution'.

That will be the necessary approach. As a manager, the guy who is making the team, your word should be heard and you should be involved with the transfers. But then you look at Ten Hag's past transfers, he'll have to learn from them and try to get better players next time.

Rooney vision no good without results


It's a very tricky situation. Birmingham were sixth when Wazza took over, and now they're 20th in the table. It's a major disappointment to go from the top six to 20th and the statistics speak for themselves - he only won twice in 15 matches. It's difficult to defend that.

On the other hand, he did not have the time to prove himself. In today's football, though, the most important thing is the results. You need to get the results first to give yourself time to build on your vision. You can't build on your vision while going through bad results.

Unfortunately, you don't get time so easily in football. Maybe if he was given more time he would have turned things around, but again, the results are the most important thing in modern football.

If the other results in the league were different and even if you're losing games you don't drop down the league, you stay in midtable, then maybe it's going to be a different picture.

But Birmingham are near the bottom of the table and they have big ambitions, so it's led to the decision to sack Wazza. It's a pity. I sympathise with him because I know he wants to be a manager and one day maybe he'll be manager of Man United - I still stick to that.

His time at Birmingham shows every footballer who'd like to go into management that even if you're a big name, it can't save you from the sack.


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