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What is a Bet Calculator?

A bet calculator is a handy tool for you to calculate your potential winnings for different types of bets. Whether it's your tried-and-tested single bet or your shoot-for-the-moon accumulators, with Betfair's bet calculator, you can quickly and easily determine your potential payouts. Best of all, there's no need for manual calculations as the powerful calculator will give you an instant answer on your potential returns.

Which features does Betfair offer?

Betfair's bet calculator has a number of user-friendly features that are designed to help provide you with an on-the-spot answer on how much you could potentially win. All you have to do is enter your bet type, the odds you prefer, your specific stake, and whether there are any conditions attached to your bet. Once you have, you'll be given an immediate display of your possible winnings.

How do I use the Bet Calculator?

Using a bet calculator is straightforward. Simply type in the unique features of your bet onto the bet calculator such as the bet type, preferred odds, and the stake you would like to bet. Then, in the blink of an eye, you'll know how much your bet could return with the bet calculator showing the size of any potential profit.

Why use a Bet Calculator?

Using a bet calculator will give you much greater clarity on how much your bet could return. In short, there's no need for guessing or using up all your fingers and toes to work out your winnings. Instead, let the bet calculator crunch the numbers while you put your feet up.

What is the most popular Bet Calculator?

While the single bet is one of the most popular bets put into the free bet calculator, you'll find that above all, it is the accumulator bets that this powerful online machine is used for most. Indeed, with accumulator bets going from evens to 1000/1 in just a few clicks, it's no wonder why the online bet calculator is called on to do the heavy lifting and provide an instant answer on how much you could win.