Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Tuchel has Bayern in 'unacceptable' position

Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov
Berbatov says Hojlund is acting like a 'bully'

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov is back to talk through Thomas Tuchel's position at Bayern Munich, why Xabi Alonso should choose Liverpool over Bayern next season and why Kobbie Mainoo would deserve an England call-up...

  • Thomas Tuchel failing in Munich

  • Why Alonso should choose Liverpool

  • £20m on a Sporting Director is a massive statement!

  • Hojlund 'bullying' defenders on current form

  • At Bayern, you have to win

    I am not surprised by the news Thomas Tuchel is leaving Bayern at the end of the season. When you check the Bundesliga table, they are eight points behind Leverkusen. For the standards at Bayern Munich, that's unacceptable.

    They're giving him until the end of the season and maybe he can correct some things, but Bayern are second and some of the performances have not been up to scratch. Something is not right at the moment, and the leadership of the club have decided that he'll leave at the end of the season.

    It's purely based on football reasons because they're not good enough on the pitch and are second in the table. If he can pull a miracle in the Bundesliga and somehow win the league, then that would be quite something.

    Tuchel or Alonso to fill Liverpool void

    Thomas Tuchel and Xabi Alonso.jpg

    The name Thomas Tuchel can carry you and help you find new jobs. He's a Champions League winner after all. I don't think Tuchel will be without a job for long. Where next? That's the question. We'll find out next season probably.

    I still think the first-choice manager for Liverpool is Xabi Alonso, especially if he wins the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen. That would be a great success. If that happens, Alonso will likely take the next step to Liverpool.

    Some may say it's a bit too early, and maybe he'll have one more season with Leverkusen and he'll try to go for European glory with them to prove to everyone the Bundesliga win wasn't a fluke.

    However, I think Liverpool should continue to chase Alonso. If they can't get him then there are other coaches on the market like Thomas Tuchel.

    Tuchel would be the next contender for me to replace Klopp if they miss out on Alonso. Sometimes clubs will try to play it safe based on the manager's reputation or sometimes clubs take a chance and go for a not so big name, but at Liverpool, they have to go for success, and I think Tuchel or Alonso would be a good fit.

    United looking for statement Sporting Director

    Twenty million pounds for a Sporting Director!? That's a lot of money. He must be good at his job if United are ready to pay that amount of compensation. They've done their homework; they need him in the Sporting Director position, and they believe that this is the guy. Is it a smart move? We'll find out based on how the team will perform.

    When it comes to the money, It's the same for transfers involving players. You pay a lot of money, you try to make a statement to the other teams and say, 'look, we've spent so much money on this player, and we'll do something great'.

    Sometimes it doesn't work out for the player and the club don't progress. So, with Dan Ashworth, you spend a lot of money for a guy that you think will help the club and you hope he does his job. It is a statement of intent from United. But sometimes you don't know which way it's going to go. Of course, you can see how good he was at Newcastle and Brighton.

    Hojlund belief means he can score from anywhere

    Rasmus Hojlund scored another two goals at Luton, and his second goal was him showing quick judgement of the situation and him knowing exactly where the goal was. This is how good strikers need to react in the box.

    Was it a nice goal? Hell no. It was an ugly goal, but for a striker it doesn't matter. If it's in the back of the net then he's the happiest guy on the pitch. You need these types of goals sometimes to keep scoring. The confidence is booming for Hojlund and he thinks he can score from everywhere now.

    Hojlund has now scored in six consecutive Premier League games, which shows the form and mentality he has right now. I've never been big on statistics, but I think I had five or six consecutive games in the Bundesliga in which I scored, but I can't exactly remember. But even if I didn't, it didn't bother me. He just needs to treat the next game like the first, and go for seven.

    When you're full of confidence and you step on to the pitch, you feel different. The opposition know this, so the opposition are currently afraid of Hojlund.

    It gives Hojlund a chance to bully the opposition. On the other side of the coin, when that streak stops, this is the vital point to score in the game after that, because when you stop scoring after a hot streak then you can think, 'f***, I didn't score'.

    You begin to think negatively, but he can't do that. Just concentrate on the next game and try to score then.

    Mainoo current form worthy of England

    Gareth Southgate.jpg

    I saw some of the pundits in the UK were calling for Mainoo to be in consideration for the England squad. My opinion has not changed; we shouldn't overhype young players that are playing well for their club, but at the same time, if he continues his form, then it won't be a bad idea to include him in the 23-man squad.

    If Gareth Southgate has other ideas and he's not pressured by public opinion despite seeing the quality in Mainoo, maybe he will take him for the experience, but in his mind it's too early to include him in the team. It might be beneficial just to soak in all the experience, to be around other players that have been there for a long time. That could be a way to go.

    If not, and if the manager includes him in the squad, then Mainoo would have earned his place based on his current form. But again, be careful. We've witnessed a lot of great talents in the past that have done well and then they've gone downhill.

    I was 19 years old when I first made it into the Bulgaria squad. I got the feeling of what it's like to represent your country. You get to see the players that have been there longer than you, and you need to learn and listen.

    You soak in the experience and be as professional as possible. I remember the original Ronaldo's first World Cup where Romario and Bebeto played up front, but Ronaldo didn't play a minute in the tournament, but he was there around these great legends. We all saw what happened with Ronaldo in the end!

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