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Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Man United and Hojlund have turned a corner

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov
Berba is delighted with United and Hojlund's upturn in form

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov is delighted with Man United's recent results and says Rasmus Hojlund will be on top of the world with his goalscoring form. Berba also discusses Scott McTominay's future, United's boardroom and how Harry Kane will be feeling at Bayern...

  • Great to see United winning again

  • Hojlund will feel on top of the world

  • United know they need to strengthen at board level

  • Kane will still be happy while scoring goals

If you pay attention to the results and points they've picked up it feels like Manchester United have turned a corner. It's a great thing.

We've spoken many times before about the inconsistency with United where they should normally get points and haven't got them.

United have had good performances and put points on the board, which gives you a boost and you get the momentum going.

The mood around the training ground will be great. United are going through a great spell and I hope it continues.

Hojlund will be feeling like King of the world right now

I hope Rasmus Hojlund's scoring form continues. We've spoken about many strikers before and the one thing that is constant and will never change for strikers is when you score, you'll be happy, even if your team loses.

Right now, Hojlund is going through a great spell and scoring goals. His goal against Aston Villa showed how great his positioning was. When you have set-pieces, the striker needs to position themself to know and anticipate where the ball is going to drop. So for me, his goal against Villa was an ugly goal, but it was important. Keep scoring, man!

I'm not close to him around the training ground and I'm not a close friend, so I don't know exactly what the change has been for him. It could be how he trains, how he sleeps, how he prepares himself for games.

His first Premier League goal was crucial and we saw the emotion pouring out of him. After that the other goals have followed.

His confidence has grown and grown after every goal he's scored. Who knows where he's going to go? He has that talent of scoring goals with his right foot, left foot and his head and he's quick.

I'm happy for him. He's very young and has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as a striker for United. Right now, everything is finally going well for him. I hope that continues.

Every single striker, when they are scoring like this, they walk like a world champion around the training ground. He will be buzzing and joking with his teammates - this is what you want to see from your strikers. We are a different breed.

You want a striker to feel special, to know the team counts on him, so when he scores he's the King of the world. This is what is happening with him right now.

Only Scott McTominay knows how he feels about his future

Listen, Scott McTominay scores important goals. Coming off the bench or starting games, he gives me that feeling of a player that is ready to sacrifice himself for the team, like a true soldier that's going to be there for you.

He knows his role in the team, he knows his strong qualities and he sticks to that. On top of that, I don't see him getting angry when he's left on the bench and then not giving 100% when he gets subbed on. It's quite the opposite.

Even when he comes off the bench, he's always f***ing there, pressing and tackling and in the face of the opposition.


He makes great runs into the box to score goals. Of course, in his case, he's going to like to play more. I'd be curious to see how he handles this because sometimes you know what you can bring to the team and you know your position in the team. Maybe he's happy with that or maybe he's not?

You need to have a real judgement of yourself to know your strong and weak qualities.

Scott McTominay reminds me of Darren Fletcher. Not because they're both Scottish, but because of their selflessness and not thinking, 'I'm better than the rest'.

He knows what he's bringing to the team. He will do everything in his power to help his teammates - it's just like how Fletch was back in the day.

So, you can't have success without players like this. If we judge Scott on the goal contributions, he deserves to get more minutes. I'd think he'd like to stay at United, but it's down to the player to say what he wants. If the club doesn't meet his demands then, of course, you go and find other teams.

Sometimes you'll have players that are so important that you won't play them against weak opposition. You'll play the important players against strong opposition because the strong opposition will have some extraordinary players, so you'd want players like Scott to be in their faces and bother them.

I think Scott can start games, but it's down to the manager to know what he wants to achieve in specific games. Scott has proved he's capable and trustworthy to play and mostly because he's ready to sacrifice himself for the team. That is a great quality because he'll try his best in every game.

United are making moves in the boardroom

United nicked Man City's COO and now they want to nick Newcastle's sporting director. They're trying to strengthen their boardroom.

Obviously when you know which type of people can help the club at a director level, you identify them and try to sign them. Of course, you hope they'll change the culture to get the right decision most of the time.

Will that be the case with Dan Ashworth possibly coming in? We'll see. It's a difficult process. It won't happen overnight. But it shows that United know they need to strengthen, not only on the pitch, but also at boardroom level, so the whole machine of United can get better like it was in the past.

Kane will still be happy despite no guarantee of trophies this season at Bayern Munich

Harry Kane is still scoring goals and I'm sure that keeps him happy. If you're looking at club level, they're fighting for trophies, but they're five points behind Leverkusen.

In this case, I have no sympathy for Harry Kane as my old team, Leverkusen, is in first place!

I want Leverkusen to lift the Bundesliga title and go unbeaten. That'll be really bad for Harry because he went there to win trophies.

Football can be f***ing cruel. Nothing is over yet, though. Bayern still have a chance to fight for the trophy. It'll be difficult but the chances are still there. I still think Harry is happy because he's scoring goals.

Harry Kane Bayern Munich.jpg

Harry Kane curse? F*** off, that sounds stupid and it's disrespectful! I don't want to even think about it. Sometimes football and life works like this. At the end of the day, when he retires from football, he's going to win some trophies, for sure.

When he's scoring so many goals, but the team is still not good enough, then the striker is doing his job. People need to look at the other positions, are the other players doing their best to compliment Harry Kane? They're leaking many goals in defence.

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