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Dimitar Berbatov Exclusive: Hojlund emotion is an indescribable feeling

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Berbatov says Hojlund must score again v Forest

Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov knows a thing or two about scoring at Old Trafford, so he tells us all about how it feels when you net a winning goal at the Stretford End...

  • Manchester United showed real desire v Aston Villa

  • Hojlund must score again to really start believing

  • Kimmich would be a perfect fit for Old Trafford

United desire changed the momentum

Why do we need to wait to go 2-0 down to start playing? I will never know. With United, it's happening a bit too much and after 2-0 down, I was like, 'not again, man'.

The first-half was not good at all, but after that, the reaction was great. But why wait until the opposition scores one or two to then start playing? Try to play the second-half from the first whistle. How difficult is that?

Villa scored twice and probably thought they had won the game, which was their mistake. United took advantage of that and scored three goals.

I think the sheer will of wanting to do something got Man United over the line, to show the fans that they weren't going to give up until the 90th minute, and even if they lost, they were going to show the desire to change things.

It's like the players said 'sorry' for the first-half and corrected that in the second-half. After that came the quality of the players, the youthfulness and desire and just playing football. Garnacho running up and down trying to make things happen, the brain of Bruno Fernandes and experience of the other players who had been there before - there were a lot of factors that contributed to the comeback.

The comeback is also to do with what Ten Hag said at half-time. I assume it's something that made them completely change. The factors together brought that result in the end.

Consistency the key for Man United

I am relieved that Man Utd ended their goal drought, but at the same time, I am also worried because sometimes it's one or two goals down and then we start to play. To win a game you need to score goals so it's a good thing that United have come through, but at the same time, it'll mean nothing if you don't continue down that path.

That's the challenge I have with United - to show consistency in getting the points they need, which I think will be difficult because we're not assuming now that the 3-2 comeback means everything is rosy. It isn't.

The next game against Nottingham Forest will be a tough game because they're fighting relegation. So United need to keep the consistency going; if you don't then there's no point.

'Orgasmic' feeling to score at Stretford End

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I have spoken before that when Rasmus scores his first Premier League goal, you were going to see the emotion pouring out of him after waiting so long. He's done it but not only that, it was a winning goal and it was at the Stretford End. It was a good goal, a quick reaction with great curl on the ball.

Now, the most important thing for Rasmus is to score in the next game. I don't care how, if it's with your nose or it's a ricochet, you claim the goal. You need to score in the next game. Maybe it won't happen, but if it does it'll be a great thing for his mentality because he'll be thinking, 'okay, here we go'. If he doesn't score, then bad thoughts will creep up in his mind.

But for now, let's enjoy his goal. I know he's enjoying it as it brought the three points to the team but think about the next game now. You should be thinking about how you're going to score again because that's going to help you even more.

I can't explain the feeling of scoring at the Stretford End, you need to do it yourself to feel it. The words won't be enough to describe it. I can give you all the words to describe it, like 'fantastic', 'orgasmic', whatever, but if you don't do it yourself, you'll never understand, especially if it's a winning goal in an important game.

For a couple of seconds, you are just not present, it is an out of body experience. You are just out of your body, screaming and yelling and you just hear sounds.

You don't see people; you see colours and you're running like crazy and enjoying that moment. When you come back into your body, you can see everyone cheering, they're jumping on top of you and after the game you'll realise the importance of the goal.

United need to quit the drama to show progress

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The drama in Manchester United matches is too much. You can have that drama from time to time, but not every time. Sometimes the drama can turn into tragedy. Sometimes you can overcome a 2-0 deficit and the other team makes stupid mistakes, but please, that's not the way to do it if you want to progress.

You need to take the game from the first whistle and try to score and win. I prefer not to have games like this all the time. It's entertaining, it's nice and you're going home excited from the game. But the players, as much as you see them enjoying a last-minute winner, they will prefer to kill the game in the first-half.

Of course, it doesn't happen all the time, but if you can, do it. Otherwise, from time to time, you can have games like against Villa, but most of the time, just try to win the game in the first-half.

Ratcliffe needs to bring stability

Jim Ratcliffe has taken 25% of Manchester United, and I hope for stability with him. That's the right word. With stability, everyone knows what they're doing and they're taking the right decisions in every department. That will reflect on the pitch as well.

I'm not too quick to jump with joy at the takeover, I prefer to wait and see what will happen. Everyone believes it's a great move for the club, so let's hope for the best and that stability will come with the takeover.

At the moment, I don't think Ten Hag's future is on the table to be discussed. Yes, there are bad results, good results, bad results, good results under Ten Hag, it's up and down, but for the moment, I don't think his future is a priority to discuss.

Let's see what the New Year will bring, and how the team will do, but I believe Ten Hag will finish the season as Manchester United manager. However, if they don't manage to finish the season on a high and miss out on the Champions League, then Ten Hag's future will once again be front and centre.

Kimmich would fit United perfectly


Going forward with the takeover, I wonder how brave Man United will be in the transfer market. Joshua Kimmich is being linked, but he's such an important player for Bayern Munich. Can I see him leaving Bayern and coming to United in the January transfer window? I don't think that will happen.

Maybe we can speak about this transfer in the summer, but he's someone who is highly regarded at his- current club. With Casemiro's injuries and form, maybe United are going to look for a replacement.

Let's not forget about Scott McTominay though, he's there and playing well, but if Casemiro is not going to be counted on to continue to play because of his age and injuries, then of course, you need to buy someone to replace him.

Kimmich is someone who fits perfectly in that position, but does he want to leave Bayern? That's going to be a tough decision.

January window is always tough

I think it will be a big surprise if in January you sign a big name. It will be a big surprise if you sign a big player who can fit into the team as it is such a hard time to find the right player.

That's why I think United will finish the season with the players they have, getting some of the other players back from injury, and trying to finish strongly as possible to get back into Europe.

If they go for someone in the transfer window now, I will be really surprised. I just don't see it happening.


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