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Dimitar Berbatov Says: Back Maddison to help Spurs overcome City in 15/1 Bet Builder

Betfair ambassador Dimitar Berbatov
Berbatov has put together a 15/1 Bet Builder

Betfair Ambassador and former Spurs striker Dimitar Berbatov has put together a 15/116.00 Bet Builder ahead of Friday night's huge FA Cup clash between Tottenham and Manchester City..

Leg #1 - Spurs to win

Leg #2 - BTTS

Leg #3 - James Maddison to score or assist

Leg #4 - Kevin De Bruyne to score or assist

Maddison return a huge boost for Tottenham

It is a boost. We all know about the great impact he's had on Spurs. Now the situation is a bit different as he's coming back from injury. Some players who have been injured go straight back into the team like they never left, like what De Bruyne has done at City.

Some players take a bit more time to get going after recovering from an injury. So, we'll see how the manager is going to handle the situation with Maddison. But overall, Maddison is fit, coming back into the squad, he's going to be a great, great addition again.

City yet to score at new Spurs stadium

It's going to be a massive game, believe me. Friday night games were always special for me - the lights, maybe the pitch was a bit watery, the ball was skidding, and you enjoyed it.

Spurs will have a great challenge facing City. If Spurs overcome it, it's going to do major things for their self-belief going forward in the competition. By knocking out City, you're telling everyone, 'We are here to take that trophy'.

It's not going to be easy. City are the favourites going into the game, but Spurs, the way they play with bravery, they can surprise City. We know City have had difficult times going to Spurs' stadium, never managing to score a single goal there, so it could happen again.

Spurs have a chance to beat City

City will never change the way they play, no matter the attacking nature of Spurs. They will continuously keep the ball, look for the space, pass, pass and pass.

Spurs take the ball in their own half and hopefully someone with great speed can start running and they can get the ball in behind and surprise City, just like they did with Son in their Premier League meeting.

Spurs also have good players who can keep the ball, play from the back, and slowly go forward. But most of the time it'll be City keeping the ball and pushing Spurs back into their own half.

I want to see Spurs win the game or at least not lose. It's possible because they have a great home record against City. It's not like Spurs have no chance at all, it's possible. It's going to be tough, but Spurs have a chance to win.

KDB & Rodri City's key men

Kevin De Bruyne is the main guy who can improvise something out of nothing. He's consistently shown exactly when and how to make the players around him look good by the way he's making assists and goalscoring opportunities.

The other guy is Rodri, who is the rock of the defence. He's sure of himself under pressure that you can see how he oozes confidence. It gives the defence the peace of mind that Rodri is there, so he'll get the ball.

These are the two main guys for this game. These two guys are the heart of City and if they're fit then City click. With Spurs, Maddison coming back is great, but we need to see what condition he's in. If he takes off like De Bruyne then it's going to be great.

City are fighting for all the trophies around the world, but for Spurs it's a bit more personal as they're trying to win a first trophy since 2008.

Foden underrated just like Scholes

I'm not the guy who can give an expert opinion because I'm not English but maybe he is underrated from time to time in England. Some players will always and forever be underrated, even if they are better than the players you see in the spotlight all time.

This is how football works sometimes. It's like Paul Scholes; he didn't have the profile outside of football, but if you ask anyone in football, 'who is in the top three midfielders of all time?', they'll say Paul Scholes.

If you're Foden, he's young and he's playing well, but sometimes some of the players on his team are taking the highlights from him and he's staying in the shadows. Maybe your agent is so good that he constantly puts your name out there in the spotlight or maybe you don't want to expose yourself and you want to just enjoy your football.

Match Prediction for Spurs vs Man City

I want Spurs to win or at least not lose and force a replay. I will go for 2-1 to Spurs. My mind can't understand how City haven't scored at Spurs' stadium with all the power they have at their disposal. Credit to Spurs for not letting them score, but that'll come to an end at some point and both teams will score

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