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Dimitar Berbatov: Garnacho wonder goal must be first of many

Betfair ambassador Dimitar Berbatov
Berba played for United in the Champions League and he's backing them to beat Galatasaray

Betfair ambassador Dimitar Berbatov says Alejandro Garnacho must build on his stunning bicycle-kick goal, discusses Manchester United in the Premier League and Champions League, and much more...

  • Berba wants more Garnacho goals

  • Strike was better than Berba's v Liverpool

  • Let Mainoo develop without pressure

  • Ange needs Spurs players to react against City

Garnacho must build on incredible goal

The overhead kick from Alejandro Garnacho is a world class goal. Nobody can argue with that, the execution was great.

To do something like this, you need to have imagination, awareness and bravery and Garnacho showed that he has them all. It was a great, great strike, worthy of being the goal of the year.

Garnacho was shocked in a good way, we all were, but at the same time, that shock came because it was so early in the game.

When it's still early in the game, you don't expect something crazy and magnificent to happen. It was an unbelievable goal, produced by a player who is still very young, but obviously he's brave to pull off something like this.

When you see him play he's not afraid to go past players, attack players with the ball and because of this bravery he was able to pull something off like this.

In moments like this, you don't even think, it's just instinct. It's a great goal. Great players have scored goals like this. Ronaldo did it for Real Madrid against Juventus, Bale did it for Madrid and of course Wayne Rooney scored one of the best in a Manchester derby.

Now the expectations are going to go higher for Garnacho. People will be greedy for more. He needs to say to himsef: "Okay, I have done something great, but it's just one goal. I don't need to reminisce about that goal, I need to work hard to score other goals like this."

You don't want to be remembered for this goal alone. Now you need to build on this. You have a great platform, you have great people around you, the coach believes in you, now just go out there and try not to disappoint yourself, your coach and your teammates.

Garnacho goal was better than my overhead kick

I saw some people comparing my overhead kick against Liverpool to Ganracho's against Everton? The best? For sure, it is Garnacho's goal.

When you see clips of bicycle goals online, you see players you've never seen before, who are not remembered for anything else. That's why I say it's great, but Garnacho needs to build a legacy and have many more memories like this one.

The manager trusts him and he needs to take that trust, work and try not to betray that trust.

The weeks, months and years after this goal, he'll check it out, his friends will check it out, people will send it to him. He'll be everywhere. That's why I say it's good to reminisce, but as soon as you stop watching it, now it's time to get back to reality because it's the next game, it's the next goal, it's the next assist, it's the next win, that matters.

That's why Ronaldo and Messi were so great because when they did something great, they were able to keep doing great things for so many years.

There are still cracks in United's performances

When you score an early goal, it gives you peace of mind and impetus: "We've started on the right foot, let's keep going." At the same time you need to be careful because it doesn't mean you automatically win the game when you take the lead.

If you know how to use momentum then you can score another goal and make it even harder for the opposition to come back. It gives you confidence as a team. It was a good game at Goodison Park and the result was the most important thing.

United fully deserved to win but again, there were some old cracks and the saves of Onana prevented Everton from scoring.

Let Kobbie Mainoo develop as a player

Lot's of people are rightly praising Kobbie Mainoo's performance. Let's hope it's the first of many because sometimes we're too quick to jump to conclusions.

Just let the boy be and ecnourage him to continue on the path of his development. He'll have difficult games in the future.

It's a good start. Let's hope he's in a good environment outside of the team - this is very important. Let's hope he stays consistent. Some games he'll play, some games he'll be a substitute. But when the manager gives you the trust, try not to let him down.

Let's take it easy for a moment, it's just one game. I'm very happy young players are given opportunities to show what they can do because they're hungry. They are there ready to go. When the opportunity arrived in Mainoo's case, he grabbed it. It's a great base to build on.

Now, the difficult part starts to continue on that road. You need to be obsessed with becoming the best in your position and to not let the manager down.

Now the journey starts for the manager to know how to take care of the player and for the player to take care of himself. United are famous for producing their own players, so it's great to see academy players in the first-team.

Maybe Mainoo was doing something impressive over the past few months until the moment was right for the manager to say: "You're starting against Everton."

It's a tough place to play at Everton. It shows you the level of trust Ten Hag had in Mainoo.

Fernandes showed class in giving Rashford pen

Marcus Rashford wanted to take the penalty against Everton on Sunday. He could have told Bruno that he felt confident to take a penalty if they got one or it could have been that Bruno didn't feel like taking it. But based on Bruno's confidence, I doubt that was the case.


It was a great gesture from Bruno to give it to Rashford. You need to have a strong mentality to take the penalty, even stronger when people are criticising you for not scoring.

So credit to Rashford for taking that chance. It was a great penalty.

Rashford can kick on

Marcus hasn't hit the same heights he did last year, and people are asking how can he get back to those levels of performance? The answer is always the same: train smartly, train hard, whatever works for you.

The real difficulties come if there is something going on in your personal life or the environment that you're living in. Believe me, that can happen. Then you need to sort the problem out so you can concentrate purely on football.

Now you've got your goal, go back to training and build on the goal. There will be difficult moments ahead, but this is football.

United need to replicate league form in Europe

Playing in the Premier League is one thing, but playing in the Champions League is different. It's down to you to be constantly in-form and to play to the best of your ability even when you face teams from across Europe with different playing styles.

It's going to be tough for United to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League, but they can still do it The chances are still there for United to qualify.

They must take points from Galatasaray away, which is not an easy thing to do and Bayern Munich at Old Trafford. It's going to be difficult.

United need to get a good result at Galatasaray on Wednesday. With United's current form, the chances are there for them.

Every game is different, especially when you go to Galatasaray - they have good players and passionate fans. But forget that when you step on the pitch, try to concentrate and know you have good players, hungry players coming into the team full of confidence, as well as experience. Try to attack and score goals and don't make f***ing stupid mistakes.

Istanbul is a tough place to play. I remember playing against Besiktas for Spurs at the old Inonu Stadium - we won 2-0 - but Robbie Keane was two or three metres from me, I was screaming loudly to try to make him hear me, and he couldn't hear.

The stadium sounded like an earthquake. They were passionate and supported their team. Galatasaray get even more passionate when a big team like United come to their ground, so that's why I'm expecting a crazy atmosphere.

My prediction for Galatasaray v Man United

I need to be confident and believe United can pull something off because Galatasaray, as much as the atmosphere will be crazy, are beatable. United need to stay confident and concentrated and not make mistakes for the whole 90 minutes - that's it.

United will have chances to score. Knowing they need a result, I'll go 1-0 to United.

The old Spurs is creeping back in

I wanted to see Spurs' reaction to how they lost against Chelsea but the results - three defeats in a row - have been terrible. Yes, injuries are there, but this is the moment where you put your war boots on and try to get results no matter what.

Every other team has injuries - some more, some less - but to have three successive defeats shows Spurs didn't know how to react after their first loss. Not only that, but you took the lead in each of those games. So to give the lead away, it rings alarm bells of the old Spurs.

They need to correct that as soon as possible because they're still near the top four. Don't let the losing streak continue. You need the points to stay close to the top four and to chase trophies. Now, it's about the reaction and how to stop the losing streak.

Now they have to go and play at Man City on Sunday. There is no worse fixture than that right now. It's a bad moment for everyone. Yes, Ange will try to motivate his players. If Tottenham avoid defeat then that would be a success.

This is the moment as a manager where you tell your players: "These are the games where we need to show what we're made of." I hope the players will react on the pitch.

Richarlison needs to step up when he's back

Richarlison is injured and frustrated and his time at Spurs has not been what everyone expected it to be.

When you know it's not going your way, then you get frustrated and angry. Then you try to get out of this hole, but if you don't know how and you're still stuck then the manager comes into play.

If the manager doesn't give you more time to prove yourself, then you're going to find it even more difficult to have good games.

You're going to have one game where you score, but then the moment you feel your confidence is back, the manager decides to put you on the bench for tactical reasons. Now your flow is stopped.

Then the next game the manager gives you time to play but your flow is gone and then the next game you're back on the bench. You see? So it comes down to whether the manager likes you and gives you time to prove yourself.

When he's back from injury, Richarlison should step up and take his chance and show the manager why he should be playing more regularly.

Clubs will keep eye on Luiz

Douglas Luiz is a key player at Aston Villa and I'm sure he's attracting attention from other clubs. If he continues to perform the way he is doing, then other teams will of be looking at him. This is the way football works.

Aston Villa are a big football club, you can stay there and hope to do something great, but the moment you have a great season, and you play for Brazil, big teams will be coming after you.

The moment that happens, your head will start to spin, you'll start thinking about playing for big teams and how you could lift trophies. The moment that starts, you'll need to make the right choice.

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