Dimitar Berbatov: Burnley defeat not good enough and signings must be made

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Dimitar says Solskjaer is still the man to put it right at Old Trafford

It's been a bad week for Manchester United and in a wide-ranging piece Dimitar Berbatov argues for new signings at Old Trafford to allow Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to put things right at Old Trafford

"Of course everybody tried their best, but it wasn't enough, and if it isn't enough against a team like Burnley, with all due respect, then for Manchester United that is not good enough and they need to do something."

Burnley result showed how much Utd need reinforcements

My reaction to the Burnley game was similar to everyone else who supports the club, I was so disappointed. To be honest, they didn't do enough to win that game. Overall, United kept possession of the ball but that meant nothing because in the end Burnley undid United on a set piece and then they scored an unbelievable goal. When you play teams like this though you know where their strengths are, and you need to be prepared for that, and that wasn't the case with United.

I'm not going to get involved with a blame game, but that match on Wednesday evening was a must-win. It was a great opportunity for some stability and more importantly it was a great chance to get closer to the top four. The major concern for me is the way the game is played: the way the ball is moved, the way the passes are made, the way they look for space, how they want the ball and against Burnley none of those things were there. Of course everybody tried their best, but it wasn't enough, and if it isn't enough against a team like Burnley, with all due respect, then for Manchester United that is not good enough and they need to do something.

Each and every one of the United players needs to be critical of themselves, when they are at home and alone they need to ask themselves 'do I do enough for the club and for my team mates?' Once they have done that, they can start to build and improve.

Fred in action 1280.jpg

More than one player needed before window shuts

The transfer window is open for another six days and for me they must get some players in that will do the job and help them.

With Marcus Rashford out, they need a striker and they also need two players in midfield because we don't know how long Paul Pogba is out for and they need someone there to play and they need to get some player in.

Some players may take a look at United and say 'I don't want to go there because I can't save the team on my own, I need others around me'. So United need to go for a few players so that they can entice good players to come and accept an offer.

Even if it is difficult to try and get reinforcements in before this widow shuts, they need to make the effort and show that they are trying to get some good players in to help them get out of this position. I keep reading about Bruno Fernandes, but he's not a magician. Do people really think if one player comes in the team are automatically going to start winning? He's just one man, that's not how it works, it's a team game and you can't expect just one person to come it and change things at United, even if it is Messi or Ronaldo. The situation they are in now need a team, they need that togetherness to get out of it all together, not just with one player. Sometimes, you have a good player that can get you out of trouble and win you a game but not in a situation like this, they need to stay together.

The decline needs to stop

United have been sliding for a while and once you get like that it is difficult to stop. Yes, they have won some trophies on the way but overall if you look you can clearly see that United are not where everybody wants and expects them to be.

It is easy to blame and point the finger but of course there are a number of factors causing issues and stress in the team. Sometimes when you decline so much you lose games, the pressure builds, and you go on the pitch and you just don't want the ball, and that is the worst thing a player can do. It can be caused by pressure, nervousness or stress, like what is going on at United - it's really not nice and if you let it carry on and build up, you continue to slide and it's so difficult to get out of that situation.

I think Ole is still the man to stop the decline, but they need to do business in the transfer market and buy some players now. The question is who do they go out and get and do the players even want to come to Old Trafford.

The sad part is, United will now have to work hard to convince players to come. In the past, you only had to say the name 'Manchester United' and you were there asking where do you sign. If you asked a group of players now, out of Manchester United and other big teams where would they like to go, United would probably be the last place they'd want to go, which is really depressing, and it shows just how much they have declined. It is what it is and whoever is in charge of signing players needs to go and speak to people and do their best because if the slide continues then things will only get worse.

Tevez's attitude is what United need

There have been reports linking Carlos Tevez back to United on loan, I say why not?! When you have these loan deals it's good to get someone who knows the place, knows the situation of the club and the fans. Of course, he went to Manchester City but I'm sure the fans would welcome him back. If there is some truth in the story then it's something that needs to be carefully thought about, the pros and cons need to be weighed up. But, if there's no other option, this could be the right one.

He was quiet in the dressing room, a bit like me, but that's not always important. We all saw what he was like on the pitch, he would run like crazy, fight for his team, score goals and he would never give up until the final whistle. You could say that is what United need now. There's no one in the team that can bully someone from the opposition like Tevez, or Roy Keane, who would also rip your throat out if you didn't work hard for the team. Maybe they do need Tevez for that reason, he always had that quality of shouting and fighting for the team.

When he made the switch to City I didn't pay much attention to it and I don't think many others did. It was a professional business way of doing things, yes he went to our rivals but it was his decision and we all said good luck to him. As a professional I respected all my team mates and players that I played against, so whatever they did was their own business. You need to respect and admire a player who gives everything for his club. Many players have switched allegiances throughout their careers and I don't think it's a big deal in modern football anymore.

There are a lot of teams needing strikers and talk of players coming back, I can confirm that I'll be putting my boots back on, but to only play with my daughters in the garden!

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Bale needs to address his injury problems

Gareth Bale managed to get on the score sheet in midweek for Real Madrid, but it was sad to see him come off injured, you want to see players like that play all the time. But then, I'm surprised that when you play at this high level, for Real Madrid, and you have so many injuries throughout your career and you can't seem to get rid of them - what is going on? I'm sure Real Madrid have a great medical department, but the player needs to know their body and if needs be they should train a different way. To see those injuries keep coming up, something isn't right. I'm sure Bale is frustrated as well because as a player you don't want to miss games or training, even if you play badly.

I love watching Bale when he plays, I want him to stay fit and healthy, if he wants to stay at Real Madrid I'd like him to stay, but if he wants to go, I'd like to see him go back to Spurs or go to Man United. In the end it's all down to him, obviously he likes it there.

Barcelona striker situation is a tough one

This week Barcelona have expressed their interest in bringing a striker in while Luis Suarez is injured. One of the names going around is Cavani, who I like a lot, however the situation with Barcelona is exactly the same as Tottenham with Harry Kane's injury. Imagine Cavani goes to Barcelona and Suarez gets fit, you then have Lionel Messi, Suarez, Antoine Griezemann, Ousmane Dembele, Fati and you have just bought Cavani - it's a big problem, who is going to play?

You would have to manage the players and their egos, this is the situation with big clubs and you need to be really good with man management. I'm not counting Messi in that though, because he will always be the first on the team sheet, even with one leg. You don't want unhappy players on your hands that's for sure. Barcelona need to find out if they want someone on a loan deal until Suarez is fit, or they buy someone for the long run.

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