Dimitar Berbatov: Bayern showed they're a class above Bundesliga rivals

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski scores a penalty against Union Berlin

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov hails cool and clinical Bayern, tips Haaland and Havertz for big things and says he expects Gareth Bale to stay at Real Madrid...

"Dortmund will push them hard and will challenge them but I think in the end it will be Munich's title again."

It was good to see football back, something that you love returning, and seeing my ex-colleagues do what they love to do was nice. It was sad to see no fans in the stadiums but we all know this is what is necessary for the moment. It was good to watch some football and begin the slow transition back into some form of normal life.

Ruthless Bayern are as reliable as ever

The result in the Leipzig game was the only surprise for me. Other than that, I thought the teams did well considering the situation. I watched the Bayern Munich game and they won in a way they always do. They didn't push too much and they took exactly what they needed, the three points.

Robert Lewandowski scored his 40th goal of the season from the penalty spot, but he was so cool and that is why Bayern Munich have been champions for so long, they know how to get the job done, it might not be the best performance and they might not be at 100%, but they get what they need.

There were some strong performances from Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach, but I am still leaning towards Bayern Munich to win the title. They have been there so many times in the past, and in difficult situations they still know how to approach the game.

Sometimes it's not about playing a good game, as strange as it sounds. You are going to have bad games, but if you can get the three points in the bad games and not lose that is always helpful for a title run, and Bayern know exactly how to do this. Dortmund will push them hard and will challenge them but I think in the end it will be Munich's title again.

Lost for words when it comes to Haaland

Erling Haaland scored a great goal last weekend and it's well known how much of a bright future he has ahead of him. People have already been speaking a lot about how good he is and they will continue to do so. I'm lost for words with him, as a striker it's important for him to score goals and he is doing that.

The goal Haaland scored against Schalke, let me tell you, was not easy to do. The ball was bouncing around as it came in, you have to know how to hit it the right way, sometimes in that situation the ball can jump off your foot and make you look stupid, but he put just the right pressure on the ball and had his foot at the perfect angle so it could go straight into the net.


The cross was great as well, which shows you that his teammates are looking for him in the box and they know that he will be there and they trust him to score if they find him with a pass or a cross.

Watching Bundesliga with no fans was like watching a training session

For some people watching the football with no atmosphere was a strange experience, for me I'm quite used to it because I was a player and played in games like that. It can feel like a training game, you can hear all the players and they don't have the fans booing them when they make a mistake, which could be a problem because they could make even more without that reaction of the stadium.

Of course, we'd all prefer to watch football with the fans, especially in Germany, where the atmosphere is amazing, but we are in this situation and hopefully it doesn't last too long.

Havertz should wait before moving to Premier League

This week, Bayer Leverkusen's Kai Havertz has been linked with a move to the Premier League and that doesn't surprise me. He has great quality and he will become even better in the future. I was so pleased to see, not only him but the Leverkusen team came back really strong in their win against Werder Bremen.

Havertz needs to get used to the sounds that are being made about him following his two goals on Monday night because teams are going to come after him. There's a lot of talk that Liverpool, Chelsea and other teams are interested in him, so now he needs to be careful, not let that go to his head and stay focused on his game.

He has enough quality and if he continues the way he is going teams will still be there, they won't go away. All eyes are on the Bundesliga at the moment and when you score goals and play good football it is no surprise that teams like Liverpool want you.

Werder v Leverkusen landscape.jpg

I would like to see Havertz in the Premier League at some point, but not right now. I think it is a bit too early for him, I want to see him play more games, score more goals and get more confidence and maturity.

I also think he will need a bit more muscle to play in the Premier League, we all know how defenders can squash you and smash you into pieces and you need to be ready for that if you are going to hit the ground running in such a demanding league. I think he should stay at Leverkusen and develop even more and get that experience which will help him for when the time comes to go somewhere else.

I think it is interesting to see Chelsea linked with him, they haven't really replaced Hazard since he left and it was always going to be difficult to do so. I think for sure they need to go for a young player with a lot of football ahead of them, if that is the case then they will also have to be patient as well because sometimes young players need time to adjust to the physicality and speed of Premier League.

Havertz is an option for them but it has only been the first week back of the Bundesliga and I hope that he continues to way he has comeback, by scoring and producing the goals that he has done so far.

Bale likely to snub Newcastle and stay at Madrid

Every time Gareth Bale is mentioned it is a case of will he leave Real Madrid, will he stay, is he playing, is he scoring, is he playing golf, why is he playing golf? It's tiring and in my opinion, he has his agent, his family, his surroundings and if they think that Madrid is the right place for him then he will stay, it doesn't matter what anyone else says.

Gareth Bale celebrates goal 1280.jpg

Many people think he needs to leave Madrid and some of the supporters want him to leave, but I think he likes it there and if that is the case that is all that will matter to him. Personally, I want to see him play more, score more and produce the performances like he has done in the past. If you are not appreciated where you are, then you go somewhere else.

At Real Madrid his goals to games ratio has been really impressive and some of the goals he has scored during his time there have been amazing, the type of goals that average players can not score. Look at that goal he scored in the Champions League final against Liverpool - it speaks volumes for the quality he has. You can know a lot about a player by the type of goals they score and the goals that Bale has scored really tell me that he has a lot of quality.

There have been a lot of reports about Newcastle possibly signing Bale, he has been at Real Madrid for some time now, he has won so many trophies and he is appreciated around the world for the football he plays. But with all due respect, you can not compare Newcastle with Real Madrid.

If Newcastle want to get him, they need to show him that they are building something. The coach needs be somebody with whom he can connect and that might mean they have to get a new coach. If Newcastle appoint Mauricio Pochettino, then OK, great start, but then they need to tell him what other players they are going to sign. If he sees all that and he likes what he sees, maybe he will consider it, but for me, I think he will stay at Real Madrid.

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