US Masters 2017: Dave Tindall's Course Guide

Augusta National is one of the iconic golf courses and Dave has seen it from angles we never see on television
Augusta National is one of the iconic golf courses and Dave has seen it from angles we never see on television

Dave Tindall guides us through all 18 holes at Augusta National with photos from his own collection and stats from Danny Willett's 2016 win...

"Camellia is a wonderful hole to start the back nine and another where hitting a big draw is a major plus."

1st hole (Tea Olive) 445 yards, par 4: No easy introduction here. To hit the contoured green with those classic Augusta National shaved run-off areas, a drive needs to be threaded through the trees. The second hardest hole last year and par is always a good score. That's the 8th green off to the right.
2016 average: 4.36 (rank 2) - Danny Willett: 4-4-5-4

Augusta 1st hole.jpg

2nd hole (Pink Dogwood) 575 yards, par 5: A breathtaking view down to the green. This is adjacent to the big fairway bunker on the right which is in play to most. Danny Willett didn't manage a birdie in four tries last year despite it playing as the easiest hole on the course. Plenty of room to escape from these trees down the right but don't tug it into the left ones.
2016 average: 4.64 (rank 18) - Danny Willett: 5-5-5-5

Augusta 2nd hole.jpg

3rd hole (Flowering Peach) 350 yards, par 4: Two strategies here. Iron for position or boom one over the bunker down the left. This picture shows the steep slope to the front of the green. Get too cute with the chip/pitch and the birdie you're secretly hoping for can easily turn into a bogey as the ball rolls back down off the front.
2016 average: 4.14 (rank 12) - Danny Willett: 3-3-4-4

Augusta 3rd hole.jpg

4th hole (Flowering Crab Apple) 240 yards, par 3: The green which slopes from back to front looks tiny from the tee and, like the first hole, you're more than happy to see your punt sign for par. The front bunker is a popular destination. I watched my tip Phil Mickelson mess up with a triple bogey here in the final round in 2012 when he eventually missed a play-off by two.
2016 average: 3.33 (rank 3) - Danny Willett: 3-3-4-3

Augusta 4th hole.jpg

5th hole (Magnolia) 455 yards, par 4: This middle-ranker, in terms of difficultly, is arguably the least-known hole on the course. After the easy-to-watch loop of the first four holes, this is where the players 'go out into the country'. As the picture shows, it's one of the many holes at Augusta where it's best to hit a draw off the tee (or fade for lefties). Bit of a hidden secret this part of the course. When you walk off the left side of the putting surface, there are spectacular views down to the 6th and 16th greens way below.
2016 average: 4.22 (rank 10) - Danny Willett: 4-4-4-4

Augusta 5th hole.jpg

6th hole (Juniper) 180 yards, par 3: Sharply downhill and, unexpectedly, players hit over spectators' heads (you can see them sat halfway down the slope). Danny Willett birdied it in both weekend rounds last year which was some feat as balls can trickle back off the sloping putting surface. A very picturesque part of the course.
2016 average: 3.22 (rank 9) - Danny Willett: 3-4-2-2

Augusta 6th hole.jpg

7th hole (Pampas) 450 yards, par 4: One for those who rank high in Total Driving as this requires a long, straight drive onto one of Augusta's narrower fairways. There are more bunkers (five) around this elevated green than any other at the course so hitting a high ball really is a big advantage on this hole.
2016 average: 4.24 (rank 5) - Danny Willett: 4-5-3-4

Augusta 7th hole.jpg

8th hole (Yellow Jasmine) 570 yards, par 5: The third easiest hole last year and the only par five where Willett averaged under par for the week. The tee has been moved back so the bunker down the right of the fairway is in play a lot more on this steep uphill hole. Bombers can clear it and go for the green in two and hopefully get a nice roll off one of the slopes which can be seen framing the green.
2016 average: 4.76 (rank 16) - Danny Willett: 5-5-5-4

Augusta 8th hole.jpg

9th hole (Caroline Cherry) 460 yards, par 4: A great viewing spot, this picture is taken from behind the raised three-tiered green where a precise approach is needed. Get it wrong and the ball could roll off the putting surface and 50 yards back down the fairway. The big hitters can launch one into the huge landing area which sweeps down to the bottom of the hill, thus giving them much less club for their second.
2016 average: 4.13 (rank 13) - Danny Willett: 3-4-4-4

Augusta 9th hole.jpg

10th hole (Camellia) 495 yards, par 4: A wonderful hole to start the back nine and another where hitting a big draw is a major plus. The bigger the right-to-left curve (or fade for the lefties), the more chance of the tee-shot finding what Tiger calls the "speed slots" which will fling the ball down the hill. Those white cabins are where a falling-apart Rory ended up in 2011 after his snap-hook led to triple bogey. I was staggered how near they were off the tee. No wonder stunned commentators said they'd never seen anyone in there before. Further down the fairway and in the right trees, Bubba played his wonder shot to win the play-off against Louis Oosthuizen.
2016 average: 4.28 (rank 4) - Danny Willett: 4-4-4-4

Augusta 10th hole.jpg

11th hole (Magnolia) 455 yards, par 4: The start of Amen Corner and the hardest hole on the course last year (also 2011, 2014 and 2015). As a punter, you'll almost accept a bogey here as sixes aren't uncommon due to the watery grave that guards the left of the green. The bail-out area to the right of the putting surface is very, very popular. It's a real hike to get to the top of the hill where players tee off and try and thread their shots through a chute that has been narrowed down the years. A relief to refresh the leaderboard and see that your player has made par. Willett hung tough with a quartet of '4's last year.
2016 average: 4.52 (rank 1) - Danny Willett: 4-4-4-4

Augusta 11th hole.jpg

12th hole (Golden Bell) 155 yards, par 3: A strong feeling of "it's good to be alive" washes over you on this part of the course. The panoramic view of the 11th green, Hogan's Bridge and the 12th green is majestic, unique and yet somehow crazily familiar as you've seen the image so often in books or on TV. The tee-shot is tricky and the wind can switch but I greedily hope for birdie in calm weather as it's just 155 yards. Jordan Spieth lost the Masters here last year with a quadruple-bogey on Sunday.
2016 average: 3.23 (rank 7) - Danny Willett: 3-3-2-3

Augusta 12th hole.jpg

13th hole (Azalea) 510 yards, par 5: Players tee off in solitude (spectators aren't allowed by the 12th green or near the 13th tee) and the aim is to boom a big hook/huge fade around the corner. Bubba and Rory love the hole (Watson used a sand wedge for his second in 2014) but others struggle to set up the approach shot. As a punter you're thinking birdie is a must and eagle a welcome but very possible bonus. Then again, there's always that sigh of relief when the second shot clears Rae's Creek. It played as the second easiest hole last year although Willett took until Sunday to birdie it.
2016 average: 4.73 (rank 17) - Danny Willett: 5-5-6-4

Augusta 13th hole.jpg

14th hole (Chinese Fir) 440 yards, par 4: You expect birdies either side at 13 or 15 but this is another chance to post a red number; Danny Willett did it on both Saturday and Sunday 12 months ago. It's the only hole on the course without a bunker so its main defence is the multi-plateaued putting surface. There's a very narrow margin between a ball curling to gimme range or catching a slope and running away to three-putt territory.
2016 average: 4.08 (rank 14) - Danny Willett: 4-4-3-3

Augusta 14th hole.jpg

15th hole (Firethorn) 530 yards, par 5: A more straightforward tee-shot than 13 because the fairway is as wide as a runway. But the feeling of drama is even more intense when the second shot is in the air. Will it plonk down on the green or trickle back into the water at the front? Even those who lay up can dump their third in the wet stuff so a big number is possible. As a spectator, you see how much water there is behind the putting surface too (see extra pics at bottom of article). Willett struggled here, bogeying on Saturday and settling for three other pars.
2016 average: 4.91 (rank 15) - Danny Willett: 5-5-6-5

Augusta 15th hole.jpg

16th hole (Redbud) 170 yards, par 3: Seeing the hole in real life offers a double surprise. Firstly, the green doesn't slope anywhere near as much as TV makes you believe given that it's so common to see balls run all the way down to the bottom unless landed on the top level. The Sunday pin placement is always on that lower tier so it can offer another late birdie chance in round four. The other surprise is the all spectators sat on a big mound to the left of the water. The Masters is typically shot close up so you don't see that on television.
2016 average: 3.17 (rank 11) - Danny Willett: 2-4-3-2

Augusta 16th hole.jpg

17th hole (Nandina) 440 yards, par 4: The green seems to slope everywhere so it's rare to see approaches to the raised green get near the hole. Ranks in the harder half of holes on the course and if your player is in contention you'd probably be happy to see him walk off with par (as Danny Willett did all four days) before having one last birdie push at 18.
2016 average: 4.23 (rank 8) - Danny Willett: 4-4-4-4

Augusta 17th hole.jpg

18th hole (Holly) 465 yards, par 4: It looks good from the tee as you can see the bunker down the left of the fairway directly in line between the avenue of trees, meaning a faded tee-shot for the right-hander is the ideal. On practice days, it all appears rather underwhelming around the green when compared to great closing holes at Open Championship venues which are framed by grandstands. It definitely comes across better when shot close-up on TV. There's still huge potential for drama, though, and, apart from being six clear, the dream scenario for a punter is their man is tied for the lead, hits an approach that catches the slope and rolls back to the front Sunday pin. He stalks the putt and then knocks in the 12-footer for the winning birdie.
2016 average: 4.24 (rank 6) - Danny Willett: 5-4-4-4

Augusta 18th hole.jpg

Behind the scenes at Augusta

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