US Election: Biden shortens but Trump favourite after Super Tuesday

  • Max Liu
  • 3:00 min read
Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Biden and Trump are set for an election rematch in November

Get the latest odds on the 2024 US presidential election following the Super Tuesday results which have put Joe Biden and Donald Trump on course for an election rematch in November...

  • Trump favourite on Betfair Exchange

  • Biden backed in to 2/13.00

  • Election rematch looks a certainty

  • If there were any lingering doubt that the 2024 US presidential election is going to be a rematch of the 2020 contest then the results of the Super Tuesday primaries all but eliminated it.

    Joe Biden is 1.261/4 on the Betfair Exchange to be the Democratic nominee while Donald Trump is 1.031/33 to be Republican candidate for the third consecutive election.

    Both could seal their respective nominations in the coming weeks after they enjoyed emphatic victories on Tuesday.

    Donald Trump after New Hampshire win.jpg

    Trump was unexpectedly defeated by Nikki Haley in Vermont, but the odds indicate that will not stop his march to the nomination. Reports on Wednesday morning said Haley would quit the race.

    Biden, meanwhile, was victorious in all but one Democratic primary yesterday.

    Trump 2.0421/20 is the favourite to win the election, and become president again, while Biden is 3.185/40 to defeat his rival again and secure himself four more years in the White House.

    Biden backed but bettors prefer Trump

    Betfair Spokesperson, Sam Rosbottom said: "Super Tuesday didn't really provide us with anything we didn't expect, as a November rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was already well fancied by punters on the Betfair Exchange.

    "Biden's dominance in the primaries has seen his odds shorten to 11/53.20 from 13/53.60 yesterday, but he still isn't getting close to market favourite Donald Trump."

    Biden worries US flag.jpg

    Trump left the presidency in acrimonious circumstances in January 2020. He is facing criminal indictments and mounting court costs, but the Betfair markets indicate that he will win a second term.

    We will have regular US election updates and analysis on Betting.Betfair all the way to November 5 when Americans go the polls.

    The last US election broke records on Betfair and this year's could be even bigger.

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