General Election: Tories backed to lose 200+ seats after new poll shock

  • Max Liu
  • 4:00 min read
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak
Under Sunak the Tories are now polling as badly as they were under Truss

The odds on the Conservatives facing electoral catastrophe this year shortened again after a new poll put them on just 19% of the vote...

  • Tories shorten again to lose 200+ seats

  • New poll puts them on 19%

  • Party as unpopular under Sunak as Truss

  • The Conservatives were backed in to 1.51/2 to lose 200 or more seats at the next general election after a new poll showed voters deserting the party.

    They are 25 points behind Labour who look destined to win a majority at 1.18.

    The YouGov poll, which was based on research conducted in the middle of last week, showed the party falling to 19% of the vote if a general election were called today.

    What voters do at the ballot box and what they say will do are, of course, different things. But there is no denying that this latest polls is cause for serious concern in the Conservative Party.

    The election is around evens on the Exchange to take place in October after the chancellor Jeremy Hunt this week hinted that was when the government were planning to go to the country.

    It will set alarm bells ringing among Tory MPs and indicates that they are losing voters to the newly-formed Reform UK party.

    The pro-Brexit party have risen in the polls to their highest vote percentage yet.

    Tories as unpopular under Sunak as Truss

    The Conservatives are now as unpopular under Rishi Sunak as they were under Liz Truss who was forced to step down as prime minister after six weeks.

    Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.jpg

    The Exchange odds indicate, however, that Sunak is safe for now and will lead the Tories into the eleciton.

    He is 4.57/2 to face a confidence vote and as short as 1.182/11 to the leader come election day.

    An October election will make for a busy autumn for political bettors as they weigh up elections in the UK and US where Americans will elect their next president on 5 November.

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