David Haye Exclusive: Derek Chisora v Joseph Parker very likely this year

Boxer Derek Chisora
Derek Chisora wants a piece of Joseph Parker
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Betfair Ambassador David Haye gives fight fans an update on Derek Chisora following his brutal knockout win and expects to see him face former world champion Joe Parker next...

"boxing fans now want to see Chisora v Parker and both men will be delighted to give them it"

Both men have asked for it

It's very likely we'll see Derek Chisora and Joseph Parker go toe-to-toe this year. The reason I say this is Derek has said to my face on numerous occasions, "get me Joseph Parker." When I was in Las Vegas doing the commentary on Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz I bumped into Parker and the first thing he said to me was let's get the Chisora fight on, let's make it happen.

That was before Chisora's fight with Artur Szpilka so it's even more likely following that win. Derek rose to the occasion and put on a great performance. If he had lost that night or put on a below-par performance, I believe the Parker match would've been harder to make and it would've slipped off into the background. After such an emphatic and explosive victory, it's clear boxing fans now want to see Chisora v Parker and both men will be delighted to give them it.

Real fan friendly fight

It would be a fan friendly fight if and when it does happen, and I think it's worthy of pay-per-view. Both men have an all-action style. Parker is younger than Chisora with a lot less mileage on the clock but Chisora seems to have gotten this second wind in his career and is taking things a lot more seriously. Whoever wins this one on the big stage would catapult themselves towards challenging one of the four main heavyweights on the planet in Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz.


The future looks bright for the winner of Chisora v Parker and, believe me, I've watched some recent videos of Joseph Parker in training and he's already preparing himself for this one like it has been announced. That's how confident he is it'll happen and that's how seriously he's taking it. Chisora has also returned to the gym following his win over Szpilka. Both men know this is now a must win fight and are treating it as such.

Chisora more impressive than Wilder

It would come at a great time in Chisora's career. The devastating knockout of Szpilka was a real statement of intent. Derek acknowledges he underperformed against Senad Gashi but was determined to put it right. He needed a performance against Szpilka to really shake up the world and that's exactly what he did. It was a real masterclass. If you compare how Deontay Wilder got on against Szpilka in 2016 it took The Bronze Bomber until the ninth round to get rid of Artur.

The fact Chisora did it in just two rounds really shows us that he's a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division. No one envisaged that type of spectacular, devastating knockout victory. Dereck Chisora did. He believed in himself, he backed himself and he didn't take a backwards step. He really let Artur Szpilka have it, both barrels. It showed what he's all about, proved his engine, his heart, desire and motivation. On the back of that, as a boxing fan, I'm really looking forward to this Joseph Parker fight.

Frank Monkhouse,

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