Rivaldo Exclusive: European Super League is an absurd idea

  • Rivaldo
  • 3:00 min read
Fans protesting against the European Super League
Football fans are already revolting against the proposed European Super League

There's only one topic of conversation in European football right now, and here Rivaldo gives us his exclusive views on the proposed European Super League...

"There's plenty of people against it including managers and players of the clubs involved which shows how polemic this proposed move is."

We were all caught by surprise with the announcement of a new European Super League organised by 12 big European clubs that usually compete in UEFA competitions, but I think this competition shouldn't go ahead and I firmly believe it won't come alive.

For me, the clubs creating this new league are showing a huge disrespect to other clubs and even to their own fans that we all understood are firmly against it.

It doesn't make sense to limit elite European football to just 12 or 15 teams because European football is full of historical clubs, with others emerging from time to time.

Clubs like PSG, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund aren't in the original 12 and no one thinks they are weaker than those that are in, so, it would never become a fair competition, especially since the founder members will always book their place in the competition no matter what their results would be.

English Players and fans are already showing their revolt on the subject and I believe that the same will happen in Spain and Italy since it's a very disrespectful decision for other contenders around the world.

Florentino Pérez speaks like this sitting on his Real Madrid presidential status

Real Madrid's president is one of the main organisers and speakers in defence of the new league, but he only says what he says because is leading a powerful club like Madrid and is aware that he might generate more money in this Super League, but it's a disrespect to other clubs in Spain like Sevilla or Valencia that often need UEFA money awards to get some extra income.

He is creating a war with FIFA and UEFA and the organisations are considering banning some players from their competitions meaning that international teams might play the EURO's or World Cups without some of their biggest stars because they play for some of those clubs involved in the new Super League.

This might turn our football into a chaos and that's why I refuse the possibility of this going ahead. There's plenty of people against it including managers and players of the clubs involved which shows how polemic this proposed move is.

For me, UEFA competitions are well organised and distribute enough money to help the clubs, but of course, some major clubs want more. Personally, I see this as a great disrespect for opponents, fans and all the football world.

I hope that Barcelona takes a step back

I'm not sure if Barcelona was already in this new Super League before Juan Laporta's election, but I think that with the new presidency they should consider leaving the organisation because I don't think Barça fans would like this attitude of creating an elite league no matter what their results would be.

Furthermore, Real Madrid seems to be one of the main organisers of this and I don't believe that Barcelona fans will like to be linked to their rival club in a situation that promises to create a revolution in European football - for the worse in my opinion.

José Mourinho could embrace an experience in Brazilian football

Mourinho was sacked from Tottenham on Monday despite having the chance to claim the EFL Cup on Sunday, and I think the Spurs board preferred to take immediate action on the back of the club not showing relevant improvement going into the end of the season.

Jose Mourinho, Spurs boss.jpg

I'm his friend and consider Jose Mourinho a great person and a fantastic manager with nothing to prove, so, his phone should start ringing soon with new offers and I even heard about a potential move to a Brazilian club.

This could be the perfect opportunity for a Brazilian club to try to make that huge signing. It would be a nice experience for Mourinho after so many years in Europe to try to impose his mastery on South America.

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