Dimitar Berbatov: United deserve to be Europa favourites but it's not won yet

Harry Kane
Could Harry Kane replicate Dimitar's path from Spurs to United?

A huge weekend coming up for Dimitar Berbatov with two of his former clubs doing battle. Our football ambassador looks at that fixture and more in his weekly column...

"Top four will be tough for Spurs but I think it's still achievable, but only if they correct that bad habit of dropping points."

All about the result for United

Manchester United got the job done even though people are saying the performance was a little flat and to be honest in matches like this, the quarter final of a European competition away from home and you need a good result, I don't care about the performance as long as you get the results. The 2-0 win was perfect and it's a great advantage going into the second leg. I'm happy with how United got the result and the job done in the first leg, in football you have games like this where all that matters is the result, and it's pleasing to see that United did just that and got the win.

Lets not jump to conclusions, there's still another leg to go in this tie, it's not over yet and you have to respect Granada, but overall United have a comfortable lead and as long as they stay concentrated for the other game they will be fine.

I still think we need to see what happens and how the competition pans out but United are the 2.265/4 favourites to win the Europa League, they have experience of winning it recently too, but there's still a lot of football to play and a lot can happen.

Marcus is the man for United

Marcus Rashford proved again that he is United's main attacking threat. The performance against Granada wasn't a classic, but Rashford's goal made my day. It was unbelievable control from him, a great pass, great run and the touch made the goal possible.

Rashford now has 21 goals and he's having a great season, his movement on the pitch is not like any other striker and he has proven that he is the main guy upfront for United. You can see with his goal against Granada that he knows exactly when and where to run, he also has a great touch and finish in his locker too, it was a perfect example of how he knows how to find spaces in tight games. I hope he can continue improving because his pace, his agility and technique is all there, when he is on form United are dangerous.

Rashford is still a very young player and he is a superstar in world football, he been leading United's attack for a while now too, I think he is getting the credit he deserves and hopefully he is only just getting started. Mbappe, Haaland and Rashford are the players I am looking at to dominate the future. Although he's only 23, he's already got lots of experience, he's going into his fifth year of being a senior player and a big part of the team. Not many other players at his age can say they have had that level of experience at a big club.

Now, it's simple, he must continue to work on his strengths and work on his weaknesses. My view is that he should work on converting every chance he gets, sometimes his concentration isn't 100% when he has a good goal scoring opportunity, so he needs to work on that. If he stays healthy and doesn't have any injuries then he will always be up there and an easy pick for the manager.

When you look at club legends like Giggs and Scholes they were consistent every season, always a first choice of the manager no matter what other players came and went and they were at the club for over 20 years, this is the consistency that he should be aiming for.

He is living the dream of every United academy player and I hope he keeps it up because United are one of the best clubs in the world and he could stay there for the rest of his career, this is something that I always wanted for myself but wasn't the case. For a player to represent just one club and be the star every year is a great achievement and I'd love to see Rashford do that.

Mourinho's critical comments were justified

Following the result against Newcastle it was clear that Mourinho was disappointed, like I was. We have seen this before when Spurs get a good lead they can't hold on to it, it's a weakness they have and they need to stay concentrated until the final whistle, so I can understand why Mourinho was critical of his players.

Jose Mourinho cant believe it 1280.jpg

A manager can scream as much as he like on the side-line but ultimately it's down to the players on the pitch to be leaders and know what to do in a game, when that doesn't happen it's frustrating for everyone. That being said, it is also the job of the manager to correct the mistakes of the team and prepare them during the week in training.

His comments were critical but this problem is happening too often with Spurs, when you lose a lead in the last moment and it happens time and time again then it doesn't surprise me that a manager is critical of his team in public.

They need to wake up because it's not acceptable. Spurs have a great team but overall they aren't getting the results they need.

The players can be annoyed with their public criticism because it's a normal reaction, but don't forget they can't forget that Mourinho is the man in charge. The team captain and the manager might have spoken but at the end of the day when a manager isn't happy he will show it, the players have to understand their responsibilities and losing leads is a bad habit which won't bring any trophies.

Top four is still possible for Spurs

West Ham and Chelsea are the teams in the driving seat for a top four spot, but Spurs are still up there. If they had won against Newcastle, things would be looking even better if they held onto their lead and these are the moments that they have to take full advantage. Top four will be tough for Spurs but I think it's still achievable, but only if they correct that bad habit of dropping points.

There could be a situation where Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal all finish outside of the top four, while I'd like to see make the Champions League spots I have to admit that seeing other teams, like West Ham and Leicester compete and break up the big six teams is quite enjoyable.

I like seeing teams give the traditional big six a run for their money, it shows that football is changing and power in football can still shift.

Kane speculation will continue

It's a tough match for Spurs this weekend with United in town, but they have to do everything to win if they want to get into the top four.

It will be an interesting one to watch with all the speculation surrounding Harry Kane's future. In the past he has been linked with United and I don't think we will ever hear the end of it until something happens.

At the end of the day it's Kane's decision if he stays or goes and that all comes down to what his goals and ambitions are. He is leading the top scorer table and it looks as though he will be winning another golden boot, which is a great achievement. He is so consistent with his goal scoring. That hunger for scoring goals, being the best in the league and leading his country is something that other players, like Rashford can look up to and take lessons from without being teammates. Although if you listen to the rumours and speculation then they could end up playing for the same team in the future.

Great to see DeBruyne stay in the Premier League

Kevin De Bruyne has signed a contract extension for Manchester City and that is massive news for them. He is one of the best players in the world right now and he constantly shows it with his performances, the way he reads the game, his assists and his goals. It's great news for everyone connected with City.

Kevin de Bruyne black kit 1280.jpg

I am a big admirer of the Belgian, and even more so after I learnt that he negotiated his own contract, it shows that he has brains both on and off the pitch. When you're a massive star and you aren't down with reality, you want a massive wage and you aren't getting what you want there can be problems with these things. But in his case he's one of their top players and I'm sure they were both happy to come to a quick agreement, De Bruyne he clearly knows what he is doing.

Haaland has to move if Dortmund miss out on Champions League

I'm not quite sure if his father and agent have finished their world tour of football clubs, but Erling Haaland is certainly going to have some big decisions to make in the summer. All the talk around his future is understandable, because he is already one of the bright young stars of football. The big question is where he is going to go next, at 20-years-old it wouldn't surprise me if he stays for another year at Dortmund.

But at the moment it looks like they could miss out on Champions League football next season, and believe me that will have a big impact on any decision.

When you are that big a name, when you are that used to playing against the best teams and players like he has been doing in the Champions League, then you don't want to lose it. I've been there with Bayer Leverkusen, we were in the Champions League final and then the next season we ended up fighting relegation and out of the competition, it's not a good feeling. One day you're lining up against Real Madrid in the final listening to the anthem and then another day you're worried about your place in the league and reminiscing about when you played against the best in Europe, it's a massive change that I wish on no player. Haaland needs to be playing Champions League football next season.

Having played and developed in Germany when I was younger and at a similar age to Haaland now, I think another year there would be beneficial but it depends on Dortmund securing Champions League football. He will play and have the chance to work on his strengths and weaknesses, he has nothing to prove at Dortmund because he's already done it, he will have no stress or pressure, whereas if he goes to a big club like Real Madrid, then he will have to start performing straight away.

If he does move, then I hope it will be a decision based on where he will play, develop and be happy, because ultimately wherever he goes he will get a lot of money. Aside from Dortmund, he probably has his favourite clubs across Europe and he will already know what kind of football and where he will want to play in the future.

If that is the Premier League then he will be more than welcome, and moving from the Bundesliga to the Premier League certainly worked for me so I'd urge him to try and conquer the Premier League.

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