Dimitar Berbatov: Mourinho sacking was badly timed but Spurs can win final

Jose Mourinho
Berbatov thinks Mourinho's sacking was badly timed

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov discusses Jose Mourinho's sacking and, as someone who helped Spurs win the League Cup in 2008, explains how they can do it in Sunday's final...

In the 2008 League Cup final, when I stepped up to take the penalty I was nervous. After the goal, I let so much energy out and expressed it with screams.

I'm surprised that Spurs have decided to sack Jose Mourinho. The timing is terrible, coming just days before the Carabao Cup final, when Spurs are fighting for your first trophy in 13 years. Whatever you think of Mourinho, you can't deny that he wins trophies wherever he goes. I am very surprised, it is not the right moment.

In his career Mourinho has always been at the top of the game. Maybe he was not prepared for the problems of dealing with a team that is not always near the top of the league. You can become old news very quickly. Sir Alex Ferguson said he needed to upgrade himself constantly otherwise he was finished in the game.

With Mourinho at United, Tottenham and his second stint at Chelsea, he didn't change much. I think he needs to change to get back to where he was before.

Spurs need young manager with new ideas

Spurs need a young manager who is forward thinking and has fresh ideas. Someone who wants to work hard, do things the right way, play the attractive football that the fans are desperate to see. Spurs fans would prefer to lose 5-4 rather than win a game 1-0 and fall asleep and in some ways I can agree and disagree with that philosophy. Football is about winning games and Spurs need to be playing in the Champions League.

They need a manager with a new way of thinking. There are lots of ex-players looking to be given a chance and Ryan Mason, who'll be in charge for Sunday's final against Manchester City, is one.

Ryan Mason 956.jpg

It would be nice to see Ryan Mason and Ledley King in charge next season - for me it's 50-50 that they will be. If you hire one of the best managers in the world and sack him after 17 months, you then give the job to someone inexperienced who has new ideas and wants to build something and win games. Sometimes it helps being an ex-player at a club and managing that team. If they win the Carabao Cup, what does Daniel Levy do? He will have to give Ryan Mason the chance.

Super League would be terrible for football

The Super League, which all six England clubs have now withdrawn from, was a terrible idea that would have meant the gap between elite clubs and the rest getting bigger. The amount of money on offer would have created new problems. You'd have players wanting more fees and wages. It then brings a moral dilemma for players who love the game, but then have parents and family members to take care of and the temptation can be to ask for more money.

Making your own league throws the competition and fairness factor out of the window. It's not fair to Leicester and West Ham who are fighting to get into the Champions League. The players are in the crossfire as are managers. Decisions are sadly taken above players and managers.

Teamwork helped me win the League Cup and Spurs could do it again

Winning the League Cup with Spurs in 2008 was amazing. It was my first trophy in England and at the time I was hiding my emotions, but I was nervous, but in that particular moment, everything for me and the team went well.

We played as a team. Everyone was willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team. We were the underdogs against a Chelsea team with Petr Cech, Michael Ballack, Frank Lampard and John Terry. But we knew as a team we could try and beat them. This is a good Spurs side and whilst City are a great side, the major part of Spurs' side is Harry Kane and hopefully he'll be fit for the game.

It's a huge game for Spurs on Sunday. We always talk about the need to win trophies and that will be in their minds. We won that in 2008, but Spurs didn't take a step forward. So if they win or lose this time, they need to make sure that their main goal is to take a step forward. They can't make the fans wait 13 years to have the chance to win another one.

Robbie Keane and Berbatov.jpg

Looking back at the final in 2008, when I stepped up to take the penalty I was nervous. I knew it would give us a psychological edge if we scored. I knew Cech was in goal, but I was having a good season and although I was nervous, I knew everything would be fine. After the goal, I let so much energy out and expressed it with screams.

I remember after the match that the dressing room atmosphere was brilliant. I embraced the moment and then went up to the lounge for the party, we drank some wine and beers with our families. I stayed for 5-10 minutes, but I was then so tired after the game that I went home. I didn't need the celebration, I was happy to see my team mates celebrate but the best thing for me was to go home and rest.

Gareth Bale, Spurs.jpg

Hopefully Spurs can win on Sunday and this could act as a major step to something for the next few years. Man City have the winning mentality already, they know how to win stuff. It might be easier for them going into the game. That is why I want Spurs to taste trophy success again. It is not making mistakes. If Spurs take the lead, please keep it. They can't stop thinking about protecting the lead and thinking here we go again - don't do that.

Man City have lost two of their last three games and Spurs can watch those games and see what those teams did, but in games like this, you have to show how bad you want it. You can look at tactics and systems but sometimes when you get on the pitch you forget all that. You need to stay clear of thinking too much as trust me, that won't be good for you.

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