Dimitar Berbatov: Beating PSG was United at their brilliant best

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea
David de Gea looks back to his best

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov hails a classic Man Utd win in Paris, despairs at Tottenham's draw with West Ham and picks Bulgarian players to watch in the Europa League...

"I said in pre-season that United needed to sign a centre back but maybe all along Alex has been there and he is a strong candidate to be first choice."

I was thrilled to see United beat PSG in the Champions League, and it was an important win over one of the best teams in Europe. It shows that this is still Manchester United, and they can still win big games. David de Gea was in top form, which I was very happy to see, and it's good to see the team play like this.

I was honestly delighted for David, he made some amazing saves, and he played well at Newcastle at the weekend too. He's answering his critics the right way, on the pitch instead of with words, and hopefully this is a sign he has put his troubles behind him now. To try and deny that he is a great goalkeeper is ridiculous, mistakes don't make him a bad player overnight.

United have responded to their Spurs thrashing in the best way possible, and everyone involved should be proud. It's all about the next game now, and the players and coaches will know this. I think it is also the first time United have won 10 away games in a row, which is very impressive. United have the players, they have just lacked consistency, but they should be able to be consistent.

Ole outwitted Tuchel in tactical battle

It was a tactical battle in Paris and Ole came out on top. The media criticised Ole when results were bad, so they should give him credit when things are going well. The players, of course, play a huge role, but Ole has set them up and got them ready. He prepared them mentally and physically, and helped them to break down PSG man by man. They did the job perfectly, and got the result they deserved.

At the same time, United shouldn't get head of themselves. Don't think about big targets, just take every game as it comes. If Ole keeps them steady, rotates the team correctly, and they concentrate, they can win more games. Edinson Cavani will be a big addition when he is ready also. Everyone has been spot on in the last couple of games and this must continue.

Solskjaer suited 956.jpg

I thought Alex Tuanzebe was excellent in defence, for his age he showed so much maturity and strength. He didn't look intimidated or afraid of the huge names he had to defend, and a game like this will give him confidence. He has made the case for himself that he should play more. It's only one game but he appears to have all the qualities of a great defender - speed and strength, along with a cool head. I said in pre-season that United needed a centre back, but maybe all along Alex has been there, and he is a strong candidate to be first choice.

Lost for words about latest Spurs lapse

Oh man, Spurs! What can I even say - that last minute goal against West Ham was like something from a movie. Spurs have done this in the past, been 3-0 or 4-0 up and thrown games away, and unfortunately this was another example. Big teams don't throw away games when they are 3-0 up, and Spurs must learn to play like a big team.

It happened to me before, when we played Blackburn. I lost the ball, they fired a ridiculous shot, and scored a last minute goal for a 2-1 loss. You feel sh*t when this happens, like you let the guys down, but you just need to bounce back and move on. Spurs are playing great football this season, and all they must do is regain concentration and get back on track. Jose Mourinho will know what to do with them.

Kane and Son are like me and Keano

After Messi and Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski are two of the best talents in our sport. Kane's assist at the weekend, that's next level sh*t, you expect that from Kevin de Bruyne. The Spurs man is consistently proving that he can be that number 10, not just be up front poaching goals. Kane and Son are a joy to watch, two magnificent players who know each other perfectly.

They remind me of me and Keano, they are almost telepathic. They understand that football isn't a selfish game, that when you try to set up your team mate and play for them, you end up playing better yourself and it helps the team. Right now, they are just having fun playing together, it's the perfect partnership. Spurs have LASK tonight in the Europa League, and on paper they are much better than them, so I want to see them just go out and play freely.

Gareth Bale will have been emotional making his second debut against the Hammers, and even though the result was not the perfect one, and he missed that chance, he will still be happy to be back. Of course, he will have been nervous, even without fans, but it will be easier going forward for him. He will have loads of time to score goals, make assists, and play lots of minutes. The most important thing for him is to stay injury free, and hopefully Spurs can help him with this.

Van Dijk injury a massive blow to Liverpool

Speaking of injury, Virgil van Dijk's injury is a title-costing blow for Liverpool in my opinion. He is just so important to them. It was a bad tackle on him, that's all I can say. It's more of a striker's injury, and it's one of the worst you can get as a player. Hopefully he can come back as soon as possible, and be as good as ever.

No team will want to win the league just because van Dijk is injured, but at the same time bad news for one team is good news for another, and they will know that Liverpool aren't as strong without him. If you consider football as a war, you want your opponent to be weaker, and that is Liverpool without van Dijk. They have looked shaky at the back at times this season, and this won't help that.

Ridiculous to say Zidane under pressure

I've read complaints and about pressure on Zinedine Zidane, and I don't even know what to say anymore - I'm lost for words. What do you even say when a manager like that is under pressure? Ok, they lost one game, so what? They've never lost before? I understand the media need to sell papers and make news, create tensions, but this is just ridiculous. The fans love him, not only as a player anymore, but as a coach now too.

I don't care how Messi plays this weekend, he remains one of the best players ever. I watched him recently, and he looked like himself again, in his passing, his creativity, his scoring. He and Ansu Fati have built up a great relationship, and Coutinho also. We must remember, it isn't just Messi out there, he has 10 other guys with him. Hopefully they can now concentrate and go on to have a great season.

Lionel Messi training.jpg

I know about Antoine Griezemann's issues and can only say I was lucky to never suffer being played in the wrong place. I can understand his frustration, because if you know you are good in one position, then being played elsewhere is very frustrating. His best solution is going to the boss, and having an honest discussion, and making his case. I hope he has done this, and I like him as a player. It can be hard when you are competing with players of such high quality like he does.

Look out for talented Bulgarians in Europa League

Sofia have a big game in the Europa League against CFR Cluj. I will watch with interest, and expect them to win this game, they should be stronger than Cluj. Sofia play as a united front, with good chemistry. They are not slow, and their attackers often play with surprising speed. Ali Sowe is an excellent player, he has a lot of good physical attributes, and the captain Valentin Antov is another international player. He is a young guy to captain a team, which shows his quality.

Teams like this need better players to close the gap with the main teams, and to get big players you need money, so it's very tough. The best players in Bulgaria are usually sold on to develop at big clubs, the infrastructure simply isn't here. No fans in the stadium will be a different experience for Sofia, and make it easier for the visiting Cluj, as the home Sofia fans are very intense and supportive of their team.

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