US Election: Biden wins Michigan but Trump favourite to be president

  • Max Liu
  • 3:00 min read
US president Joe Biden
Biden is running for re-election in 2024 but he is not the favourite to win

Joe Biden is odds-on to be the Democratic nominee in November's US presidential election but Betfair punters are backing Donald Trump to win...

  • Biden wins Michigan but uncommitteds cause concern

  • Bettors think it's Biden v Trump again

  • Ex-president favourite to beat current president

  • Joe Biden is 1.434/9 to win the Democratic nomination following a successful night in the Michigan primary, despite a significant protest vote.

    The president won 80% of the vote but should be alarmed by the 13% - many of them angered by the US stance in the Israel-Hamas conflict - who voted "uncommitted" in the swing state.

    Donald Trump won the Republican primary there, defeating his rival Nikki Haley just as he did in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and is 1.11/10 to be the candidate in November's election.

    Donald Trump wins Iowa 2024.jpg

    The former-president is vying to return to the White House after he lost to Biden in 2020.

    Trump is 2.26/5 to win the election, which will take place on 5 November, while Biden is 3.412/5.

    10/1 Obama leads list of Biden alternatives

    It is a strange situation, eight months from the election, to see the current president a longer price to be his party's nominee than his opponent in his respective race.

    But doubts about Biden's candidacy persist. His unequioval support for Israel is drawing increasing criticism and concerns about his age are not going away.

    Gavin Newsome and Joe Biden.jpg

    Biden is 81 and Trump is just four years younger - something Biden pointed out in his interview with Seth Myers this week when the president accused his rival of having "old ideas".

    But that has not stopped critics and voters in the primaries citing Biden's age and arguing that he should not run again.

    When he won in 2020, it was widely believed that he would not seek a second term. But the lack of obvious candidate to run in place of him for the Democrats is one reason why Biden remains odds-on to be the candidate.

    Former-First Lady Michelle Obama 11.010/1 is the shortest price after Biden on the Exchange.

    The California governor Gavin Newsom 13.012/1 (pictured above with Biden) and vice president Kamala Harris 15.014/1 come next in the market.

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