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Betfair Predicts: Election result predictions powered by Exchange odds

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Betfair Predicts new election odds tool
Get election predictions from Betfair Predicts

In a massive year for political betting Betfair Predicts is here to provide election predictions based on the latest Betfair Exchange odds...

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  • Betfair Exchange data powers this new tool

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Betfair Predicts is a brilliant new tool that makes election predictions based on the latest Betfair Exchange odds.

Wondering how an election is going to turn out? Visit Betfair Predicts to see at a glance which party or person is winning support and who has reason to worry. Betfair Predicts shows you exactly what the betting is saying at any moment.

It is easy to understand and up to the minute. You won't have to waste time making sense of the election data because we have already done it for you.

Election predictions and more for politics bettors

In a massive year for politics betting - with the UK general election on 4 July and America electing its next president on 5 November - Betfair Predicts helps bettors make sense of events, cutting through the noise to give you the vital numbers and make predictions.

Opinion polls have long been used to predict election results but betting markets are also valuable indicators of voters' intentions. After all, what better way to gauge which way the nation is leaning than where people are putting their money?

Elections in the UK and US have defied the polls and produced surprises in the past decade but the Betfair Exchange consistently reflected what the electorate was thinking.

The range of Betfair Exchange politics markets, which cover everything from the national picture to local contests, means Betfair Predicts pinpoints to the nearest percentage the chances of any result.

And it is not only for national elections. Betfair Predicts also makes predictions based on the Betfair Exchange markets on party leaders, referendums, by-elections and much more.

Politics betting on the Betfair Exchange

Politics betting is an ever-expanding field for Betfair. Our markets have been an excellent way to predict the outcomes of elections ever since the Betfair Exchange was established.

We were there with the odds when Obama made history, when Britons voted for Brexit, when Trump shocked the world and for every subsequent event. Ever thought you should have seen a political earthquake coming? Often the Betfair Exchange did.

Now Betfair Predicts is here to make instant election predictions based on the latest Betfair Exchange odds. Don't miss out. Be in the know with Betfair Predicts.

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