Dimitar Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov: More improvement needed under Rangnick and Rashford will come good

Dimitar Berbatov and Ralf Rangnick
Dimitar Berbatov still wants to see more improvement from United under Ralf Rangnick

"...look what Klopp and Tuchel have achieved at their clubs so far, maybe with a bit of time something similar could happen at Man United with Rangnick."

Dimitar Berbatov is focusing on Manchester United in the first of this week's exclusives, believing that they still need to get better under their new boss...

There are a lot of improvements needed still with Manchester Untied in my opinion, I'm still not convinced with Ralf Rangnick, he has never been in charge of a really big team like Untied, or Barcelona, Bayern Munich, the teams that are the biggest in world football.

Even with all his accomplishments in football and the respect that Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel have for him, this is the biggest challenge for Rangnick, to know how to succeed at a big club and so far it's not quite worked how people expected it to.

I have read the rumours that some players are a bit unhappy at the club. Having been a student of German football and having played there for five years I know that sometimes it takes a while to get used to new methods of training and practicing and knowing what the new coach wants tactically, and maybe the training can be a bit boring from time to time.

These types of things can cause a bit of unhappiness and when you put that together with some not so convincing performances then you have this type of situation.

However, look what Klopp and Tuchel have achieved at their clubs so far, maybe with a bit of time something similar could happen at Man United with Rangnick.

Marcus Rashford is going through a tough patch but he will get through it

Having watched Marcus Rashford closely recently, there certainly looks to be something going on with him. His body language isn't that of a confident player. His game isn't the best at the moment, he can do so much more, but there is something going on and they need to find out what the problem is.

I read that he is doing really well in training and working really hard, but his performances aren't showing that. He was screaming at his team mates against Aston Villa to get the ball to him, I was the same sometimes, I would be in a good position and nobody would pass me the ball. This situation can make you angry, this can affect your game.

The only thing he can do is keep working hard in training and find the back of the net in a game.

I remember I went 10 games without scoring a goal, and then I scored five against Blackburn, strikers go through these spells. The only solution is to stay as calm as you can and know that a bad spell will end at some point as long as you are given the chance to end it, you need to play to get over it.

He is a special talent, he's only 24 and he has so much football ahead of him. It's good that he's facing some problems now because he will learn how to deal with them. I'm sure that he will be back to his best and he will start scoring goals again soon.

January could be a busy month for Man United's exit door

I'm not surprised to see that Dean Henderson has handed in a transfer request, I was expecting it. Same for Donny Van de Beek and Anthony Martial. These players aren't playing and it's clear they aren't happy and as long as they love what they do, playing football, they should move.

In his view Henderson was brought back from loan to start for United, as David De Gea was going through a difficult period. Signings can galvanise a player, you're not at your best then all of a sudden you have competition, so, you gather yourself and start producing. That's what happened with De Gea and it was bad news for Henderson. I fully understand why he wants to leave.

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