Mark Kirwan

I work on the Betfair Exchange Football team having spent a long time studying literature (ask me about John Banville sometime), but I’ve loved sport since I was a kid and love working around it now.

My first interest in American football came from playing Madden on my cousin’s Super Nintendo. If that SNES reference doesn’t age me, the fact I’m a Jags fan who remembers they were once pretty good will.

I also love the NHL and NBA (EA Sports has a lot to answer for), football as well, with an eye on the Bundesliga in particular because my special lady is a Dortmund fanatic. I enjoy cricket, especially test matches, and follow political markets on the Exchange closely and with success.

Away from sport, I like to read widely, watch obscure films, cook over-complicated things, and drink too much coke.

I view betting as a challenge to my knowledge and understanding, rather than as a means of making money.

And I’ll write that novel someday.

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