Poker blog round-up: Daleroxxu, Ronfar3, Bill Rini and Andrew Robl

Internet Poker RSS / Matthew Pitt / 05 March 2010 / 3 Comments

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Another week has gone and passed us by which means not only is it the weekend it is also time for the weekly poker blog round-up. This week we have a Jock, a full ring grinder, a blogging legend and a high-stakes player who gets on my nipples! Let's get cracking.

First up please give a big "Och Aye, the noo" to Daleroxxu, an online pro from Glasgow. When I first found Dale's blog I'll admit I did not want to watch any of the videos blogs he had made. Although I thought doing vlogs was a great and novel idea, I also thought there was something a bit egotistical in filming yourself and putting it on the internet. However, I lost my Daleroxxu cherry a week or so ago and I am glad I did as he blogs are anything but egotistical, in fact some of them are damn right funny. Apologies if you're a non-UK reader and you check him out, as you will never understand what he is talking about!

The ultimate full ring grinder comes in the shape of Ronfar3 who keeps a blog called Pair The Board. He only started his blog back in February 2008 and has since somehow managed to play over 2,200,000 hands and amassed over six figures worth of profit. Following good bankroll management and playing a ridiculous amount of tables, he has gone from a micro-stakes player to someone having $20,000 months. Not jealous, honestly.

The blogging legend is none other than Bill Rini. Mr Rini is one of the most respected writers online and writes about a wide array of subjects. I get a snapshot of online poker news in a newsletter sent to me everyday and almost everyday one of Bill's stories is in it. I can't really single out one of his posts in particular for you to check out, as they are all more than readable, but you could click here and discover the history of and how to play Badugi.

Last and certainly least is the blog of high-stakes player Andrew Robl, who is probably a really nice guy in real life but he comes across as a complete tool whenever I have seen him on TV. The guy obviously has skills but he first rubbed me up the wrong way when he was part of the ridiculous bragging blog Ship It Holla Ballas, a site that showed everything that is wrong with poker. So why mention him here? Simply because you can bask in his awesomeness over your lunchbreak!

Well I'm going to leave it there for now. I am off to teach myself how to use Camtasia, hopefully I'll manage it before the 30 day trial runs out!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Comments (3)

  1. valeboy | 06 March 2010

    im afraid you were right first time about daleroux - and egotistical is a compliment - he is about as funny as a roadside bomb and just as subtle

    you should have saved it for someone special

  2. leedspunter | 08 March 2010

    Daleroxxu is revolutionising poker blogging. So many boring blahblahblogs out there.

  3. valeboy | 11 March 2010

    Revolutionising poker blogging.....

    Nothing like understatement is there…….

    Infantilising is closer the mark…..

    If that’s cutting edge then the blades blunter than a tennis ball

    There is more entertaining video footage of deserted car parks

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