Scared of Two Plus Two

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I am.
Not in a cowering behind the sofa (why does nobody use the word couch anymore??) kind of way - but intellectually scared.

You see, I signed up a couple of years ago, but after registering I didn't do anything and left. I felt like I was in of those "American Werewolf in London" pubs, where you walk in and everything stops. Now the reality was that I wasn't even noticed - and my username is probably now on the scrapheap somewhere, bereft, alone and looking for a forum that he can call home.

But the question is :
Why was I scared of 2 + 2 Forums?
I can talk poker. I can play poker.

But a little bird told me that if you happen to post something in the wrong part of the forum, you'll receive a visit at midnight from two men wearing black suits - a little bit like Men in Black, but these guys quote Sklansky at you as they bundle you into the car and dispose of you - and more importantly, they delete blogs as well - and not just my blog, but every blog I'm linked to - and that would leave a massive hole in the British blogosphere. No more Bloggerment. No more Sunday night fun. No more Cloud Poker.

And posting in the wrong part of the forum is exactly what I would do - because I do things like that.

And I don't take poker too seriously - I find a funny side to it. I have noticed there is a "laugh and links" section, so I might have to go and live in there, and never ever venture to another part of the forum.

See, I am thinking of signing up again. Any self respecting (or non self respecting) poker person should be a member of that forum (if you're into forums) - but I do have another dilemma.

What username shall I have?
It's so tough......
Are they going to take me seriously with any of those usernames?
What if I get rejected?
What if they don't reject people - but I still get rejected?
What if they start rejecting people because of me?
What if the whole poker community reject me, because people are being rejected because of me?
I'd definitely have a feeling of rejection if that was the case.

So...tonight I'm going in!!

I'm going down the gym first, psyche myself up, listen to the Rocky theme tune and then I'm going to register.

Wish me luck.

And if I'm never heard from again - remember me, please.

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