India v England Live Blog: All the latest from the Betfair markets on Day 2

Joe Root
Root is under pressure on day two

Ed Hawkins is watching every ball, market move and trend on day two in Ahmedabad as India build on a brilliant first day

India win by ten wickets
Said it before, say it again. The BCCI should be sanctioned for producing a wicket which couldn't last beyond tea on day 2. They won't, though. India's insistence on producing wickets - or rather not bothering to prepare a proper surface - is fascinating. It says one of two things. Either they hold England in such low regard that they know they can win on an absolute raging turner regardless of what happens at the toss. Or they are insecure about their own ability. On a fair surface which offers a good contest between bat and ball, India win because they are the better team. Yet they feel the need to do this. Doesn't make much sense.

14.23 India win by ten wickets
Rohit made light work of that. Exactly his sort of situation. When there's no pressure, the wicket looks a different surface. These two meet again at this venue from a week on Thursday. Lord knows what sort of wicket they'll produce for that one. A road presumably?

14.04 Ind 15-0
We are back of the denouement. England looking to restore a bit of pride. But Leach drops short and Gill whips one for four. England not attacking. Got a deep point. naturally. Because they've got something to defend eh? No second slip.

13.20 Ind 11-0
This is an opportunity missed for England. What if they make 180 in the first-innings? What if they really get their heads down and make 200? Well, they win the game. The pitch was at its best in that first innings. But England batted very, very poorly. It wasn't a 112 all out pitch then. It is now.

13.20 Ind 5-0
They're not having their dinner. But they will in one over. Joe Root going to have another go.

13.04 Eng 81
India need 49 to win. Not smart batting for England. But then when you're batting on a wicket which Joe Root has dismissed five Indian batsmen for just eight runs, I guess confidence is going to be low. India should face sanction for such a surface. of course they won't. That's because if they did the BCCI would probably threaten not to stage the World Twenty20.

13.04 Eng 80-9
By the way, can I get a price that England still open with a pacer?

WICKET 13.03 Eng 80-9
Guess what? A wicket. Leach. Come on, get on with it India. Suspect if England had been more positive, more attacking then they could have pout the willies on India. Another 30 or 40 and it might have been a contest. But surely 47, at the moment, is not.

WICKET 12.58 Eng 80-8
Foakes has missed a straight one. A pintless innings if ever there was one. He scored eight runs off 28. It's a minor gripe but he's got to be more positive than that given the situation. Play some shots man. Use your feet. Try and score a quick 20 before you miss a straight one. England seem incapable of understanding the risk of an outside edge to Axar and Ashwin is less than getting whacked straight in front.

WICKET 12.38 Eng 68-7
Ashwin takes his 400th Test wicket. Archer gone for a duck. England lead by 35. Foakes has to throw caution to the win. Somehow England have to blast late runs to give themselves a chance. They are dying wondering now.

WICKET 12.30 Eng 66-6
Pope bowled. It looks like he's trying to catch a snake with his bat in this Test. He jabs at the ball, frightened by the spit and bite. He's also not much of a snake catcher because he's poked down the wrong line.

WICKET 12.18 Eng 56-5
Axar has a ten-wicket haul. Root goes this time. And that is probably the game for England. Ben Foakes strides out.

12.14 Eng 46-3
On that point, a wicket has fallen just shy of every five overs. There are 51 left today. 49 for a change of innings. If that wicket rate continues, India will have 18 overs to chase, what, 50-60? And they won't be hanging around. You can bet a finish on day two at 1.9210/11.

WICKET 12.08 Eng 46-3
The Root-Stokes axis is no more. Ashwin gets Stokes for the 11th time. India two wickets from Jofra Archer. Surely this game ends today?

12.08 Eng 46-3
In such a tight game, it is worth noting that the tie is 100.099/1. Worth mentioning just to cover ourselves down the line. Could well have a live chance.

12.02 Eng 46-3
Root seems to have got away with one. On review, the third umpire finds an edge. But it seemed like it was pad first. Oh well. They can stop griping now about reviews which haven't gone their way. The Root-Stokes axis lives on. England lead by 13. They only need another 140 for victory. We're being cheeky, of course. They'll do well to get a lead of 100.

WICKET 11.30 Eng 22-3
When Sibley had not scored Sportsbook rated his runs at 14.5 or more. The price was 10/11. Jeez, you'd give up wouldn't you? Fair to say they don't rate him, then. That wicket means we're still looking for a partnership. The Root-Stokes axis is the best chance for England.

11.30 Eng 17-2
What's our strategy, then? To get a good price. We're hoping hoping, hoping for a bit of a partnership so we can take something inflated on England innings runs. We'd be going under, obviously. It's currently 149.5 for even money. e are very much aware of how there has been one partnership in both innings so far before total and utter collapse. Can we get on the right side of it?

11.10 Eng 1-2 The problem we have as punters in this situation is that if we're betting on England being rolled, we're taking bad value. That's because with wickets falling almost every over at the moment, we're taking artificially low prices on runs. So we push back. We want to go against the tide. As you all love a stat this is only the second entry in the last 11 which has been a wicket. Crazy.

WICKET 11.07 Eng 0-2 This is almost laughable from England. They haul themselves back into the game and in the first three balls we have two wickets and one leg-before review. England are not even giving us time to get a bet on they're so bad. They WERE 1.8910/11 to lay for 150 or more. Bairstow has a pair. He reviewed a lbw. Then he missed a straight one. He's had a good game.

WICKET 11.01 Eng 0-1 First ball! Crawley is cleaned up. Was just typing that England need to be positive and play their shots because any minute now they will get one with their name on. England innings runs line is 132-140

WICKET 10.20 Ind 144 That was dull, eh? England are back in the game. Until they start getting rolled again, naturally. They are behind by 33. Root has a five-for. And you have to feel for backers of Leach for top bowler. Root came from nowhere. He conceded only eight runs. So what do England need to get to win this Test? Well, India will not fancy anything more than 150. Can England possibly manage 200? They're taking tea or whatever they're calling it. England 3.505/2, India 1.491/2.

WICKET 10.20 Ind 134-9 A big wicket that. Ashwin goes. He could have pumped England out of the game with something brutal. He tried it. But holed out to give Root another wicket - his fourth. Backers of Leach for top bowler now absolutely beside themselves. Root and Leach have four each.

10.07 Ind 126-8 R
Every run matters now. SO Ashwin may as well attack-attack-attack. There will be one with his name on - or Ishant's - any minute now. SO there is some value to going long of India's innings runs at 145.5 at 10/11 with Sportsbook. It often pays to swim against the tide. Batting is very tricky but a few lusty blows and it could be an easy win.

TRADE 10.00 WICKET Ind 125-8 Root has not conceded a run yet. He has three wickets and is on a hat-trick. England price collapses to 3.65 as Axar drives straight to cover.

TRADE 09.56 WICKET Ind 125-7 Root gets Washington. Who played round a straight one. India are now out of batsmen. England should be batting again this session. The game is moving on quickly. Is this is now a second-innings shootout? England 5.905/1 and India 1.201/5. The England price is worth a nibble because on the off chance of a decent partnership you should be able to trade for profits.

09.43 WICKET Ind 117-6 A wicket for Root. Why wasn't he bopwling earlier. He gets Pant with his first ball. And England are bang in the game all of a sudden. They are in to 6.005/1 from 16.0015/1 on day two. India are 1.201/5. What price are we going to start backing the latter? Few more ticks yet. We also fancy the correct Washington Sundar for a few. But decent hustle from England.

09.37 WICKET Ind 115-5 England doping good work this am. Or rather Leach is. In comes their price to 8.808/1. You can't help but feel that a 50-run lead is insurmountable for England, though, given how they batted in the first dig.

09.32 WICKET Ind 115-4 Flying by the seat of your Pant? If you're expecting qiuick runs, then a session bet could be your thing. Sportsbook go more than 87.5 at 5/6 in this first period. They go over 26.5 at 10/11 for Pant who could do that in an over is he wanted. The match situation, of course, does not lend itself to abloitz. Maybe later.

09.26 WICKET Ind 114-4 Rahane goes leg-before. Leach gets him. I think he should have reviewed that. But not matter. A puff of a dust, too, as that ball pitches. Strong signs that the top is about to go on this surface. Not that it makes much difference. Had England batted with a modicum of skill and sense - say another 100 - they would be bang in the game.

09.23 Ind 100-3 There's an argument that Ajinkya Rahane is India's most technically and temperamentally proficient batsman. If the pitch is doing something, he's your man. Sportsbook go 10/11 that he goes over 33. It's not a wager though on win rate. At home in the first-innings he has busted that mark 12 times out of 30.

09.08 Ind 100-3 Andrew Strauss suggesting that Anderson and Broad bowled brilliantly yesterday is an interesting take. They failed to get prodigious seam or swing. They bowled too short. And they didn't take a wicket. They bowled tight, sure, but inspiration was severely lacking. England also not missing a trick with catchers for Leach. They are going to be a long way behind very quickly unless they attack. They can't stay in the game by keeping the rate down.

09.02 Ind 99-3India innings runs line is set at 289-299 under/over at even money. Inclined to reckon this is they key partnership. AT those numbers they need a sizeable one now because England will always fancy the cheap wicket of Rishab Pant. India's tail is tricky, though. Washington, Ashwin and Axar is very strong.

08.49 Ind 99-3 Good morn. England are as good as gone in this game two. Unless they can produce something extraordinary in this first session. A collapse on a par with their effort on day one is what they need. They ain't gonna get it, though. The pitch should be flatter after the heavy roller. And the ball has not got any yonger. And, of course, they have only one spinner. But let's not get into that again. Should be plenty of betting opportunities throughout the day so stay tuned. Price check: India 1.071/14, England 16.015/1 and the draw 120.0119/1

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