Betfair Exchange March Newsletter: IPL 2024 could break more betting records

Action from the IPL 2023 final
Last year's IPL was a huge event on the Exchange and this year's could be even bigger

Read March's Betfair Exchange Newsletter to get the latest on an Indian Premier League that could be the biggest yet for bettors, find out how you can watch our cricket betting webinar and access key data for free...

  • IPL 2024 could be even bigger than last year's

  • Cricket Betting Webinar Part 2 is Live

  • Get Betfair Exchange historical data free

  • IPL 2024 could be another record-breaker

    The Indian Premier League 2024 will start on Friday 22 March with the defending champions Chennai Super Kings taking on Royal Challengers Bangalore in a mouthwatering tournament curtain-raiser.

    Whet your appetite and arm yourself with the key information and best betting tips on our special IPL blog. Ed Hawkins will preview every match of 2024 tournament from Friday's opener to the final.

    2023 IPL figures

    Mumbai Indians are the favourites to win the 17th edition of the IPL on the Betfair Exchange for which the event was a standout in 2023.

    Cricket is growing on the Exchange with the pace of a demon bowler and last year's IPL broke the following records:

    • It was the all-time largest cricket tournament: £8.1bn total tournament matched volume
    • The all-time largest tournament for line markets: £716m line market volume
    • It featured the all-time largest match odds market: £196m matched on Gujarat Titans vs Mumbai Indians
    • It saw the all-time largest line market: £25m matched on 1st Innings 20 Overs Line in Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans

    Which of these records will be broken come the end of the 2024 tournament?

    We will let you know in a subsequent Betfair Exchange newsletter but enjoy the cricket in the meantime and read our team-by-team guide by expert tipster Ed Hawkins.

    Cricket betting webinar part 2 is live

    Part 2 in our series of Forecasting for Cricket Markets is now live. Our experts discuss the "Asif-McHale in-play forecasting model" and explain everything you need to know about the specific in-play factors in the model.

    The team also discuss the importance of market calibration when betting on cricket on the Betfair Exchange. What is it, how does it work and why does it matter?

    Episode 2 is an essential watch for anyone who wants to trade cricket on the Betfair Exchange.

    You can also catch up with episode 1 here.

    Decimal data live feed

    Low latency ball-by-ball data has been available free of charge via the API for over 2 years. We have received some great feedback on clients building models to trade cricket in-play for the first time.

    Often the problem many people face when moving into a new sport can be getting access to reliable in-play data. Decimal Data have been continuously improving the feed as we have taken on board feedback.

    Earlier this month, we fixed a recurring mapping issue which meant a fraction of games were not coming through.

    Historical Decimal Feed data is available for 2022 and 2023 tournaments upon request. If you would like access to the feed, historical data or simply get more information about the feed, please reach out to the BDP Team on

    Free Betfair Exchange historical data offer

    The Betfair Historical Data service provides time-stamped Betfair Exchange data for purchase and download to registered Betfair customers.

    To mark the Indian Premier League 2024 we are offering the following free data packages which cover last year's the IPL.

    • Cricket - ADVANCED data - March 2023 - May2023
    • Cricket - PRO data - March 2023 - May2023

    All data can be 'purchased' in the usual way and will be shown as £0 cost when you complete the process. No funds will be debited from your Betfair account for these free data packages.

    To take advantage of this offer, please login via and purchase the included data.

    Terms and conditions

    • This offer is only available to registered customers.
    • Please note: the data files contain all Cricket events recorded during the stated period, including the Indian Premier League markets.

    VAR Rule Change

    Football customers should have received a customer service announcement earlier this month to say that, from March 15 2024, we introduced changes in relation to goals that go to a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) review.

    They include:

    • If a goal is scored and subsequently cancelled in a game using VAR technology, we will void all bets between the goal being scored and the goal being cancelled by VAR 
    • If a goal is scored and then confirmed after a VAR review, no voiding will take place.  

    For the avoidance of doubt on the above, Betfair deem every goal to be reviewed by VAR. Full details of Exchange rules relating to VAR can be found here.

    Now read IPL 2024 betting previews by Ed Hawkins

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