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Cricket on the Betfair Exchange: Watch episode 1 of our expert guide

Ben Stokes
Our cricket trading webinar will arm you with essential cricket trading facts and strategies

In episode one of Betfair's Forecasting for Cricket Markets Webinar, Ed Hawkins speaks to two cricket researchers about how you can use forecasting for successful Exchange betting...

  • Watch our essential guide to cricket forecasting

  • Cricket the number one sport on the Betfair Exchange

  • Ed Hawkins talks to two academic experts

The volumes traded on cricket markets on the Betfair Exchange continue to astound us.

At the time of writing, cricket is comfortably the number one sport in 2023 ahead of football by more than £10 billion in matched volume.

The recent Cricket World Cup showcased the drama and unpredictability that can make using the Betfair Exchange to bet on the sport so exciting.

In a thrilling final, Australia triumphed to leave hosts India, who had looked unbeatable on home soil, wondering how they had let glory slip from their grasp.

But in spite of its popularity, many traders, mathematicians and developers remain unsure about where to start with cricket modelling. So Betfair have called in the experts.

In the first in a three part series on "Forecasting for Cricket Markets", Betting.Betfair cricket writer and Cricket Only Bettor podcast host Ed Hawkins talks to two cricket researchers - Ian McHale, Professor of Sports Analytics at University of Liverpool and Muhammad Asif, Head of Statistics at University of Malakand, Pakistan - about forecasting.

The trio discuss the basics of cricket, key statistics and scoring factors, and the Duckworth & Lewis method. It is an essential watch for anyone who wants to trade cricket on the Betfair Exchange.

Watch the Webinar here!

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