Ten sick poker hands

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Whilst poker is an exciting and exhilarating game, it can also be an extremely frustrating and annoying hobby.

Sometimes, the 'Poker Gods' (amen) think it would be fun to make two huge hands clash in order for a player to lose most, if not all, of their chips or money.

Highlighted below are some ten of the sickest poker hands I have found video footage for. In no particular order but all worth a watch. You might not agree but I had fun searching them out.

10. Jennifer Harman vs Corey Zeidman

Early in the $10,000 buy-in 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, a hand cropped up where a one-outer was hit on the river to decimate the stack of top pro Jennifer Harman. After raising pre flop with a pair of Queens, Harman was called by Corey Zeidman holding Nine-eight of diamonds.

The flop of Ts Jd Qh brought something for both players, a set of Queens for Harman and a straight for Zeidman. After some betting and raising, both players saw the ten of diamonds come on the turn, completing a full house for Harman and leaving Zeidman drawing to the seven of diamonds in order to win the hand.

As if by magic, the river was the 7d, leaving Zeidman with an easy call when Harman set hi all-in. A 46:1 shot on the river, sick beat in such a big event.

9. James Akenhead vs Grant Hinkle

Heads-up in Event#2 of the 2008 World Series of Poker, young British pro, James Akenhead had been slowly eroding away Grant Hinkle's chip-lead and was almost level when a cruel hand was played out. Hinkle raised to 350,000 with the lowly hand of Ten-four of diamonds. Akenhead re-raised to 1.2m with Big Slick. Hinkle, sick of being outplayed, shoves all-in and Akenhead calls.

The flop is an unbelievable Th 4h Ts, gifting Hinkle a boat and leaving Akenhead needing running Aces or Kings. His fate was sealed when the ten of clubs fell on the turn, giving Hinkle quad tens! Not only was there a coveted bracelet at stake, the difference between first and second place was over $300,000!

8. Eric Seidel vs Gus Hansen

Shock, horror, Gus Hansen involved in a sick poker hand, this time at the Million Dollar Cash Game. Finding AdQd in early position, Hansen raises and finds calls from Paul Kemsley (Tc9c), Tony G (As3s) and Eric Seidel with a pair of eights.

A flop of Ac 8h 4d gives Hansen top-pair with a decent kicker but he is trailing massively to Seidel's set of eights. Hansen leads out for $6,000 and Kemsley calls him thinking it was only $600! Tony G decide his weak Ace is no good on this board and folds but Seidel builds the pot by raising $14,000, a bet quickly called by The Great Dane.

With Kemsley out of the way, the Queen of spades on the turn improves Hansen's holding to two-pairs but he does not know he is a 90% underdog to Seidel, who bets $20,000! After much deliberation, Hansen makes the call, creating a pot of $75,800!

The Queen of clubs on the river completes a full house for both players! Seidel announces he is all-in, a bet that Hansen instantly calls and none of the players at the table can believe Hansen has hit a runner-runner to beat Seidel in a mammoth $197,600 pot!

7. Daniel Negreanu vs Gus Hansen

Imagine sitting there and flopping a set, in a raised pot, against one of the world's most aggressive players. That is exactly what happened to Canadian superstar, Daniel Negreanu in an episode of High Stakes Poker when he re-raised Gus Hansen's opening raise from $2,100 to $5,000 with a pair of sixes.

A flop of 9c 6d 5h gave both players a set but Negreanu was a 95% favourite with the higher set. 'Kid Poker' had a $8,000 bet raised to $26,000, which he eventually called. The turn was the fie of clubs, improving Negreanu to a full house but Hansen to quad fives and meant Negreanu was drawing to now of the remaining sixes in the deck. Hansen fired out for $24,000 and Negreanu eventually called. The river brought the eight of spades, altering nothing and Hansen calmly checked the nuts, Negreanu bet out $65,000 and Hansen moved all-in.

After much deliberation, Negreanu made the call, despite saying Hansen could have a pair of nines or fives in the hold, and a mammoth cash pot of $575,700.

6. Patrik Antonius vs Phil Ivey

When two of the most aggressive players in the world collide with strong hands, there are bound to be fireworks and fireworks there were when Patrik Antonius locked horns with Phil Ivey in the 'Million Dollar Cash Game.' Ivey raises the action to $2,000 with a pair of Jacks, Antonius makes the call with Ah Tc and Brian Townsend came along for the ride with a pair of eights.

A flop of Ac As Jc gifts Ivey a full house and Antonius trip Aces. After seeing a bet of $5,000 from Ivey raised to $15,000, Townsend intelligently gets out of the pot. After the raise to $15,000 from Antonius, Ivey makes it $50,000 in cash to go, eventually, the Finn calls. Ivey then bet $100,000 on the turn of the five of diamonds and again, Antonius calls.

The Queen of hearts on the river meant Ivey could only lose if he folded his hand, and sensing this he bet a quarter of a million dollars! Antonius went into the tank for a few minutes before calling and losing one of the biggest pots of all time, $807,000!

5. Tony G flops a Royal Flush

Every poker player on the planet looks forward to the day they can say they have had a Royal Flush, the highest ranking hand in poker but with odds of 649,700:1 of it happening, a lot will never see one in their lifetime.

At the Aussie Millions cash game, Patrik Antonius made it $2,500 to go with suited Ten-nine and was called by Tony G with Kd Jd and John Juanda holding Kc Qs. The flop was a miracle one of Tony G, Qd Td Ad, flopping a Royal Flush. Each of the three players checked the flop, and again when the nine of diamonds arrived on the turn.

The river was the Queen of clubs, giving Juanda trip Queens but he and Antonius got out of the way when Tony G bet out $6,000, leaving the outspoken Lithuanian to reap a "small" pot of just $8,500 with his monster hand.

4. Sammy Farha vs Oliver Hudson

When the son of actress Goldie Hawn, Oliver Hudson, paid $10,000 to play in the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, he will never have thought he would last just a single hand in the tournament but that is exactly what happened when he butted heads with Sammy Farha.

The extremely aggressive Farha made it 200 to go with Ah Td and the action folded around to Hudson, who made it an extra 450 to play. Farha called. A flop of Ac Ad Th gave both players a full house, but Farha's was better being Aces full of tens compared to the tens full of aces held by Hudson. Both players opted to slowplay their hands and checked but the arrival of the Queen of spades on the turn ignited the fuse. Hudson bet 300, Farha raised to 1,300, Hudson shoved all-in and Farha immediately calls.

3. Phil Ivey v Paul Jackson

Ask any poker player to describe a sick hand they are aware of and I bet at least one of them will mention the Phil Ivey vs Paul 'Action' Jackson when they were heads-up at the Monte Carlo Millions. With 44,000 chips already in the pot, Jackson limps from the button with 6s 5d which prompts Ivey to make it 60,000 to go, holding the raggedy Queen-eight off-suit. Jackson calls after some thought. The flop of 7c Jc Jh completely misses both players but that did not stop them from entering a raising war that has to be seen to be believed.

Ivey opens for 80,000 and after some deliberation, Jackson raises a further 170,000 chips. Ivey obviously does not believe the British player and makes it 320,000 to play which should be enough to make Jackson end his bluff. This was not the case however and he raised to 470,000 on a complete bluff.

Amazingly, Ivey, after much thought, announces he was all-in, with nothing but Queen high! Jackson realises there is nothing that Ivey would bet like that, that he could beat and eventually folds with over half his stack in the middle of the table. Poker at its purest.

2. Durrrr vs son-in-law

One of the most feared and respected players in the high-stakes online cash games is Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan.

Ask anyone who plays cash games online who they would avoid like the plague and most of them will mention Durrrr's name. One player who did lock horns with the young internet pro was a player going by the name of son-in-law. With the stakes $200/$400, each player had over $67,000 in front of them so both were very deep-stacked.

In this particular hand, Durrrr raised to $1,200 and called a re-raise of $3,600. Both players saw a flop of Td Ts 7h and son-in-law bets out $5,000, Durrrr raised to $15,700 and son-in-law flat calls. The turn is the five of hearts and son-in-law checks, Durrrr shoves all-in for almost $60,000 and son-in-law calls.

Durrrr shows 8h 6h for an open-ended straight flush draw but son-in-law was a 95.5% favourite having flopped four-of-a-kind tens! However, poker can be a cruel bitch and the four of hearts fell on the river, completing Durrrr's straight flush and awarding him the $135,217 pot!

1. Isaac Haxton vs Ryan Daut

*Note* This hand replaced a hand featuring Gus Hansen and Erica Schoenberg..which just wasn't considered sick enough for some people!*

A sick hand occurred when Ryan Daut and Isaac Haxton clashed heads-up at the final table of the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. After finding himself 3:1 down in chips at one point, Daut fought valiantly to turn things around and when this hand unfolded, he found himself with a 2:1 lead himself.

Daut limped in for 100,000 chips holding the lowly hand of 7c 5s. Haxton's holding was even worse than his opponents, three-two of diamonds, so he checked his big blind. The flop of Qh 4h Ac hit neither player but when Haxton checked, Daut wasted no time in firing out a bet of 300,000 a bet that was quickly called. Both players slowed down and checked the arrival of the king of diamonds on the turn but when the queen of clubs was dealt on the river, all hell broke loose!

Haxton lead out for 700,000 which seemed to unsettle Daut who paused for a for a short while before announcing he was raising the action to 2m chips! Haxton, sat with his head on the table at one point, somehow reads Daut for weakness and moves all-in with one of the worst hands in Texas Hold'em. There is no way Daut can call with his seven high and when he inevitably folds, Haxton scoops a huge pot.

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