EPT Monte Carlo, The Poker Show and Visas

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I'm writing this blog from my room in Venice even though I should be in Moscow right now for the Russian Poker Tour because my stupid visa never came through on time. At least I have time for more shopping!

Not much happened at EPT San Remo but I did come so close to a massive score in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo when I busted out in 13th for €77k when I slowplayed my As preflop and the bb flopped a set of nines on a 79sQs board. Obv the money went in with my 20bb stack, but I don't think I played the hand poorly at all. Just wasn't meant to be. I'm happy with the way I played but it sucks to bust out so close to the final table, especially when 1st prize was €2.3m! Ah well, always next year.

Nothing really went my way at WPT Venice and to make things worse the structure absolutely sucked. One great thing from the trip was an interview I did for The Poker Show Live with Jesse May and Padraig Parkinson. I had to take the phone call in the hotel lobby because the service on my phone was really bad in my room even though the internet connection was really good! Go figure.

Anyway, the interview was really fun even if Jesse did bring up THAT hand against Isabelle Mercier from a $10k online event last year. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I got slowrolled badly by Isabelle and said a few things in the chat that maybe I shouldn't and everything got blown out of proportion.

Basically, I called her raise in the cutoff with 6h5h and the flop comes 4c3h6s, giving me top pair and an open-ended straight draw. She checks and I bet 2/3 pot which she calls. Turn is Ac and she leads, I shove and she tanks for like three whole minutes before calling with a set of threes! Like anyone is folding there against me!

Even Padraig thought it sounded like a slowroll but whatever, it's in the past. I was looking forward to the Russian Poker Tour Main Event as I didn't recognize much of the field so it would have been pretty weak even though it was a $1k buy-in but my visa didn't come through in time.

After Moscow I will be going back to England for the Women's World Open, which should be good fun. Jesse May asked in the interview if I was going to be as opinionated as I was in the Premier League a few months ago if I joined him in the commentary box at some point but I don't think I'll be too rude about people I don't know or haven't played much against! It's my first Women's World Open and I have a good record in my debut tournaments, especially ones in London:)

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Comments (4)

  1. Alex | 14 May 2009

    THAT hand...

    I honestly don't think it is a slowroll...
    From what you are writing, Isabelle was not holding the nuts and you could have been holding so many hands that were beating hers, it was a 10k and that hand was pretty important I would think... I guess taking time to call seems pretty normal.
    I am surprised you are still saying you were slowrolled... I would think you know better.

    How come you are not over it so long after?

  2. BobCFC | 15 May 2009

    If you missed the live show you can download the interview in mp3:

    Also an interview with __FullFlush1__ trash-talking durrr

    Good luck Annette, following you on twitter

    ps, Alex, it was Jesse that raised it trying to stir things up

  3. Danny W. from U.S.A. | 19 May 2009

    hey annette,
    i also follow you on twitter. as a matter of fact, i'm on twitter cuz of you. ty. anyway, 3 minutes to call with set of treys does sound like a long time, but i don't think it should categorize it as a "slow-roll" but alas you were there and I wasn't. i've seen 100's of slow-rolls and a set of treys on that board doesn't sound to me like one so much. anyway, flop good. danny w. from the usa.

  4. martin | 13 June 2009

    you owe isabelle an apology,try to get your slowrolling facts right and learn to lose with dignity.

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