Using 'My Bets'

In a nutshell:

My Bets is where you can get immediate access to your betting history. It will give you the vital information on your bets - event, date, odds, stake, outcome - which means you don't have to try to keep it all in your head or set up a sprawling spreadsheet.

How does it work?

Simply sign in to your Betfair account then click 'My Bets' on the top the page. Alternatively, click 'My Account' and choose 'My Exchange Bets' in the drop down.

On mobile, you will see three tabs at the top of the page - Open, Settled and Multiples.

'Open' bets are those you've placed in markets which are yet to be settled or from which you haven't cashed out.

'Settled' bets is where you can see your full betting history - the ups and downs, the smart moves and blunders.

The 'Multiples' tab will show you any Sportsbook bets you have placed.

Use the 'options' dropdown to amend your search - for example, changing the date range if you're looking for a particular bet.

By clicking on the 'Exchange Bets' drop down you can see your betting history on the Exchange as well as Exchange Games and Tote Bets if you use those products.

The desktop page is similar but you will also see tabs for 'matched' - those that are live - and 'unmatched' bets, those where a fellow bettor is yet to accept your price offered.