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Ipoker link up allows best of both worlds for Betfair Poker players.

Betfair Poker giving players a choice of networks

"Our intention has always been to offer our customers a rewarding and varied poker experience."

Betfair plc announced today it will shortly offer its customers poker through Playtech's iPoker network. "New Betfair Poker" will be launched later this month to run alongside "Classic Betfair Poker", which will continue to be provided by Ongame, offering Betfair customers a varied, feature rich poker playing experience on the two leading poker networks.

New Betfair Poker will offer customers enhanced tournament options, more tables to play on and more recreational players to play against. It will also include the increasingly popular Speed Poker feature, offering players a more efficient and exciting poker experience with less waiting time between hands.

New Betfair Poker will also feature new and unique promotions and a rewarding loyalty scheme, with lucrative sign up bonuses offered to new customers.

The iPoker network, owned by Playtech, currently has six million customers and is the fourth largest poker platform in terms of active players. Betfair's relationship with iPoker already extends to its casino and other gaming products.

Commenting on the deal, Sam Hobcraft, Betfair's Director of Gaming said: "Our intention has always been to offer our customers a rewarding and varied poker experience. Launching New Betfair Poker on Playtech's platform will help us to continue to achieve this goal. It's a world-class product, offering unique and innovative features. This coupled with Betfair Poker's renowned community and loyalty offerings will help us better retain our existing player base and attract a new audience to Betfair Poker."

Roei Gavish, Head of Playtech's iPoker said, "We're delighted to announce Betfair's migration to Our network continues to see positive development from both a liquidity and technological standpoint, which not only benefits a large operator like Betfair but also secures Playtech's leadership in the Poker B2B market."

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07 January 2013



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