I'm a Twittering Idiot!

News RSS / Annette 15 / 03 March 2009 / 4 Comments

Things change quickly in the Internet world and you sometimes you don't notice. I liked Facebook at first but now I've got a new toy.....

Basically, Betfair asked me to start on Twitter - probably cos I don't update my blog so often :) - and for the time being, I'm loving it!!

If you don't know Twitter, it's a bit like the Facebook feature 'What are you doing now?' but this just seems a lot better and the fact that I can now write stuff from my mobile makes it even cooler....and easier.

The whole concept sounds a little strange but I suppose its like mixing Instant Messenging, blogging, a forum and texting....with less hassle.

Feel free to follow me (address below) and I'll try (until I get bored) to keep it up. In theory it should be good for chip counts and stuff during tourneys but whether that will work when the pressure is on I don't know. I warned you here first!

The other pros are doing it as well...managed to get hold of John Tabatabai's ....I own his soul lol:)

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Comments (4)

  1. Greg Scallan | 10 March 2009

    Annette, I am following your Tweets, Follow mine! I am a poker Player from Oklahoma......

  2. someone | 07 June 2009

    geesh, you think you might clean your fingernails before having a pic taken and posted....unless it was after playing with chips....

  3. Annette | 07 June 2009

    lol...that's not my hand!

  4. Bill | 18 June 2009


    lol, wow...surprised that message got thru and you actually replied. Well, im the idiot who left that message and should have known it was a stock photo. I hid my identity before...was meant to be funny though and not mean.

    I was in a bad mood that day from a losing session and was searching aaround the net and since I havent seen you anywhere playing...i searched you out. I know nothing about you other then the news ive read and how it seems you exploded onto the scene.

    First, congrats on that as I know first hand it is extremely difficult. Second, from the few posts ive read from you it does seem you are genuine in what you say.

    I too am trying to teach myself and in fact have not read any books and very limited reading elsewhere...and I am no math maniac. Guess thats one reason I am horrible or unlucky.. :)

    I am trying to look at the game as it actually is....a game.
    Being the button as the best position to hold and when in this position you control the board and so on and so forth. But my thought process is almost unlike anyone else. For example, say that you are right handed and are bowling. Most people when stepping forward will start out with their left foot if right handed. I start out with my right foot...a little backwards. Also, I am a righty but when I play baseball or hockey I bat and shoot left. So naturally my brain is a little backwards. So I need to incorporate that into my game and game thinking which is difficult.

    But I know I dont have a firm grasp on the actual game. Now, you are free to contact me directly or respond here, though I know you are involved with your life etc but I kinda want to throw this challenge out to you or any pro for that matter.

    Obviously you read or heard about C. fergunsons 0-10000 claim. Good for him but I wonder if a pro can turn a complete newbie into a winninng player with a little coaching or instructing in a short period of time. Obviously it might take a little of your time but no money. I cant say I could pay for so called teachings or whatnot but what I would be willing to do is pay thru profits earned for a set period of time or whatnot. Basically if a pro can turn a newbie into a winner for profit for both??

    anyway, glad it wasnt your fingernails...

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