D. C. Howells, South Africa

  • Establishment: South Africa


Date Course/Class Pos Type Dist. Gng. HDGR WGT Jockey Horse BSP
18/01/21 Greyville 8/12 Flat 6f 211y Std 8st 3lbs Kaidan Brewer Gingerspathtoglory (Saf) 22.7
18/01/21 Greyville 9/12 Flat 7f 210y Std z 9st 1lbs Thabiso Gumede Straight Up (Saf) 5.8
18/01/21 Greyville 8/11 Flat 1m 1f 98y Std 9st 3lbs Thabiso Gumede Trip To Freedom (Saf) 18
17/01/21 Scottsville 5/10 Flat 1m 154y Gd/Sft 0 8st 6lbs Thabiso Gumede Trip To Africa (Saf) 8.39
17/01/21 Scottsville 6/11 Flat 7f 210y Gd/Sft 9st 6lbs Thabiso Gumede Laurel Lane (Saf) 4.85
17/01/21 Scottsville 7/14 Flat 7f 100y Gd/Sft 9st 4lbs Thabiso Gumede Bourbon Beat (Saf) 60
17/01/21 Scottsville 1/9 Flat 4f 214y Gd/Sft 9st 1lbs Thabiso Gumede Irish Belle (Saf) 2.3
13/01/21 Scottsville 5/10 Flat 4f 214y Good B 9st 3lbs Thabiso Gumede Colour Of Light (Saf) 6.2
06/01/21 Greyville 3/9 Flat 6f 211y Std 9st 0lbs Thabiso Gumede Marsanne (Saf) 3.35
06/01/21 Greyville 5/8 Flat 1m 1f 207y Std B 9st 6lbs Thabiso Gumede Supper At Six (Saf) 131.42

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