Best Performing Leagues for over 1.5 goals

Betting on over/under 1.5 goals is a popular football bet. So, what are the best performing leagues for having matches with over 1.5 goals? Data can be hard to find, so here at Betfair, we've done the work for you and produced a table with all the information you need.

League Games 1.5 %
English Football League - Championship 552 415 75
English Premier League 380 327 86
Italian Serie A 380 283 74
Spanish La Liga 380 272 72
German Bundesliga 306 261 85
French Ligue 1 306 231 75
UEFA European Championship Qualifiers 239 195 82

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Our data table will help you choose the best performing leagues to bet on for matches with over 1.5 goals scored. It's simple to use and understand, with only four columns of information to follow.

The first column is the league name. Then in column two is the total number of matches played in that league so far this season. In column three, you will find the number of matches that have had over 1.5 goals scored in them, with column four giving you the win percentage of the bet.