How to Play Megaways Casino Slots: A Comprehensive Guide

how to play megaways slots

In this article, we'll show you how megaways casino slots games work and provide you with some expert tips.

  • In the world of online casinos, small software providers are known for developing innovative game elements.
  • Megaways casino slots feature one of the best examples of a slot mechanic that was developed by a rather unknown brand but went on to conquer the world.

What are Megaways Casino Slots?

Megaways slots are ones that feature the same winning symbol combination mechanic first developed by Big Time Gaming in 2016. Since this Australian company invented this mechanic, it's been used, under licence, by over 20 other software providers and is featured in over 150 different slots.

Traditional slots rely on paylines to create a winning symbol combination. For a player to win a prize, a number of matching symbols, normally three or more, must land on the same payline.

Megaways casino slots are different as they do not use any paylines. Instead, a winning combination is created whenever three or more identical standard symbols land on adjacent reels. It doesn't matter on which rows these symbols land, and this is important due to another element of this mechanic.

Slot symbols in Megaways slots can grow to cover two or more rows on the same reel. There can be a maximum of seven and a minimum of two symbols on each reel and each reel has a random number of symbols on it on each turn. As a result of these two elements, Megaways slots typically have up to 117,649 possible winning combinations, though a few slots have more or less.

Most Megaways slots are also combined with a tumbling feature. This feature can have several names, but in essence, they all work in the same way. When a winning combination is created, it is paid out before the affected symbols are removed from the slot. New symbols take their place, providing fresh win opportunities during the same round.

Playing Megaways Slots Online

You don't need to have any prior experience playing online slots to enjoy any Megaways casino slots. While these games include this innovative mechanic, they still feature the automatic gameplay and instant payouts that are found on other video slots.

Here's all you need to do to play your first Megaways game:

  1. Browse through our Megaways slots section and find your game.
  2. Set your desired base game wager.
  3. Click on the spin icon to start playing your first round.
  4. If a bonus is activated, you may need to click 'Continue' to launch it.

The Best Megaways Casino Slots

You'll find a large variety of Megaways slots at Betfair. Here are some of the most popular games right now.

1. Bonanza

bonanza slot.png

RTP 96.00%
Max Win 12,000x
Year of Release September 2016

While there are over 100 Megaways slots, Bonanza will be known as the first. Developed in-house by Big Time Gaming, this gem mining-themed slot has a top prize of 12,000x and includes a horizontal reel above Reels 2, 3, and 4. In addition to offering up to 117,649 winning combinations, this slot features a round of free spins with an unlimited multiplier.

2. NFT Megaways

nft megaways slot.png

RTP 94.71%
Max Win 10,500x
Year of Release September 2021

Explore an 80's arcade game with a crypto twist in one of Red Tiger's 2021 releases. NFT Megaways introduces a sixth reel, and as a result, features up to 200,704 winning combinations. This game includes the Crypto Punks bonus where low-value payouts can be boosted by up to 30x as well as a round of free spins.

3. Gold Megaways

gold megaways slot.png

RTP 96.42%
Max Win 20,200x
Year of Release August 2021

The world of luxury and elegance is ever present in Big Time Gaming's Gold Megaways. Released in 2021, this six-reel slot has up to 117,649 winning combinations and the Reactions feature that replaces winning symbols with new ones. This game also offers free spins and expanding symbols, as well as an optional gamble feature.

4. Egypt Megaways

egypt megaways slot.png

RTP 92.77%
Max Win 34,104x
Year of Release May 2023

Egypt Megaways is one of Red Tiger's slots celebrating ancient civilizations. This 2023 game features crisp graphics and animations as well as offering up to 117,649 possible winning combinations. It also includes a special round of free spins where you get a choice of free spins and Super Wilds.

5. Spartacus Megaways

spartacus megaways slot.png

RTP 96.32%
Max Win 12,500x
Year of Release September 2020

The Spartacus Megaways slot is unique in several ways. This SG Digital creation introduces a seventh reel that spins horizontally and is located underneath the other six. Curtains limit the number of winning combinations, however, these are raised gradually with every winning combination. Moreover, this game has up to 1,000,000 possible winning combinations.

Tips for Playing Megaways Casino Slots

Megaways slots are developed by renowned brands that combine this successful mechanic with their own themes, bonuses, and payouts. While the basic symbol combos are the same across all slots that feature Megaways, there are also several differences. Following our tips should help you enjoy any game without difficulties.

  • View the paytable - Every Megaways slot explains its symbols, bonus rounds, and special features in its paytable. You should view this to become familiar with the game.
  • Opt for higher RTPs - While the Return to Player (RTP) percentages don't offer any guarantees, many players play Megaways slots which feature higher percentages.
  • Manage your bankroll - Placing higher bets won't increase the likelihood of triggering random bonus features or payouts, so it's always best to place lower-value wagers.

betfair free spins.jpg

Key Takeaways

  • Megaways casino slots feature symbols that can cover one or more rows randomly.
  • Three or more matching standard symbols landing on adjacent reels create a winning combination.
  • When a winning combination is created, affected symbols are usually replaced with new ones to create fresh win opportunities.
  • Most Megaways slots feature up to 117,649 possible winning combinations, however, some have fewer while others can offer more.
  • You should always play Megaways slots and all other casino games responsibly and never spend more than you afford to lose.

Prices quoted in copy are correct at time of publication but liable to change.