Horse Racing Casino Games: Thrilling Gameplay

horse racing slots

Dive into the world of horse racing casino games and discover some of the best horse racing inspired casino titles.

  • The Cheltenham Festival and similar events have inspired providers to create several horse racing casino games.

  • Numerous slots feature this sport and they're packed with engaging mechanics and entertaining bonus features.

  • These horse racing slots are a popular way for fans to enjoy plenty of thrills while off the racetrack.

1. Big Racing

Developer: Cayetano Gaming Paylines: 10
Max win: 1,000x Reels: 5
Volatility: Medium RTP: 92.33% - 94.90%

big racing slot game.png

Big Racing is a horse racing casino game featuring 3D animations and a realistic race day atmosphere. This game has 14 standard symbols, five of which are competing horses. The slot has 10 paylines and you'll win a payout whenever three or more matching standard symbols land on the same line.

On the left-hand side of the Big Racing grid, you'll find a rank list with five symbols representing the five competitors. Whenever a horse symbol lands adjacent to a finish symbol, it will transform into a wild and substitute for any standard symbol to complete or grow a winning combination.

In addition to becoming wild, the symbol will fill one notch of the progress bar. This bar can be filled across multiple rounds and the more wilds of a specific horse, the greater the chances that the horse will win in the Race Bonus.

When you've collected 25 horse wilds, the Race Bonus will begin. Just like in a real race, this horse racing casino game lets you pick a horse at the start. If your horse ends the race in first, second, or third place, you'll win the corresponding prize.

By correctly guessing that your horse will finish in one of the first three places, you'll go on to participate in additional races until you make a wrong guess. If you make three correct guesses, you'll win a 20x payout and if you get it right five times in a row, you'll win a 50x prize.

Correctly guessing the horse that ends in the top three spots for six races gives you the top prize of 1,000x. If you reach this stage, the Race Bonus will end.

Play Big Racing Here

2. Slingo Racing

Developer: Slingo Paylines: 12
Max win: 1,000x Reels: 5
Volatility: Varies RTP: 96.25% - 96.33%

slingo racing slot game.png

Slingo Racing is one of several Slingo games that you can play at Betfair. As with all games in this genre, the gameplay is a mix of slots and bingo. At the start of each round, you must choose which of the three horses to back, but choose carefully as each horse features a different maximum prize, maximum multiplier, and volatility.

Once you make your choice you can click 'Select' to start playing the game. For every base wager, you'll get 10 spins. On each spin, five numbers will be randomly selected and shown below the main grid. If the reel holds the same number, that spot will transform into either a horseshoe or one of the three participant colours.

If the number transforms into a colour, the corresponding horse will race across a portion of the track. Parts of the track feature a multiplier, and if your horse enters one of these parts, the multiplier will be added to your payout. If your horse makes it across the finish line, you'll win the maximum jackpot.

Apart from numbers, the spinning row can land wild symbols or free spin symbols. When a wild symbol lands, you'll be able to select any number on the reel above to transform it into a participant's colour. With a free spin symbol, the corresponding number of spins is added to your balance.

Slingo Racing is one of the best RTP slots and you can improve your odds by using the best strategy. You can find this easily on the game's help menu. Unlike in other horse racing themed slots, this game gives you the option to make additional bets to spin the reels additional times to try and complete more lines or the entire grid.

Play Slingo Racing Here

3. Derby Wheel

Developer: Play'n Go Paylines: 5
Max win: 2,240x Reels: 3
Volatility: High RTP: 94.20%

derby wheel slot game.png

Derby Wheel is one of the more unusual examples of horse racing themed slot games. This Play'n Go creation combines elements of classic fruit machines and live game shows but also features a horse race bonus round with four competitors. Like many of the latest video slots, this game is rich in 3D animations and provides an immersive soundtrack along with a virtual game host.

Initially, Derby Wheel's base game is similar to that of other horse racing slots. The 3x3 grid features a selection of fruit, bar, and seven symbols with a neon design that pay out when they correctly land on one of the five paylines. However, when three scatter symbols land across the grid, this horse racing casino game transforms into a virtual game show.

The first part of this two-part bonus is called Big Wheel. When you press the spin button, the wheel will begin to spin and the segment that the marker stops at will be the winner. Most segments feature a multiplier prize, but one segment has a horse racing symbol. If this segment wins, you'll move on to the second part of the bonus.

You can choose to skip the horse race bonus and instead receive a guaranteed 40x payout. If you proceed to the race, you'll have the opportunity to back up to three horses, each featuring different odds of winning and potential payouts. Once you've made your choice, the race will begin and the horse will win. If you've backed the winner, you'll win the corresponding prize, up to a maximum of 2,240x.

Play Derby Wheel Here

4. Slingo Constitution Hill

Developer: Slingo Paylines: N/A
Max win: 1,500x Reels: N/A
Volatility: High RTP: 96.30%

slingo constitution hill slot game.png

Slingo Constitution Hill is a new Slingo release that's exclusively available at Betfair Bingo. While most horse racing themed games focus on generic horses or popular racecourses, this game celebrates a British-bred hurdler that was foaled in 2017 and has won numerous events, including the 2023 Champion Hurdle at the Cheltenham Racecourse.

At the start of a new Slingo Constitution Hill game, you can set your wager by clicking on the coins icon. Press 'Start Game' to choose which horse to back. You can pick between three racers, each one featuring a different volatility, jackpot, and maximum multiplier.

After you've made your selection, the race bell will sound and the five reels at the bottom of the card will begin to spin. Numbers or special symbols can land on these reels randomly. When a reel stops on a number that's shown across the column above it, that number is marked off.

If you mark off an entire horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line on the card, you'll win a prize. Wild symbols can land on the reels and help you complete a line by giving you the option to mark off any unmarked spots in the column above them.

Three of the special symbols in Slingo Constitution Hill represent the three races. When one of these symbols lands on the card, the corresponding horse will race across a portion of the track. If the horse that you've backed makes it to the multiplier or jackpot portion of the track, the prize will be applied to your final payout.

When you run out of spins, you'll have the opportunity to buy single spins for a chance of completing additional lines. Every additional spin might also move your horse further along the track, unlocking potential wins of up to 1,500x your base wager.

Play Slingo Constitution Hill Here

Key Takeaways

  • Several slots and Slingo games feature horse racing themes and symbols.
  • The best horse racing themed slots in 2024 are Big Racing from Cayetano Gaming, Slingo Racing from Slingo, and Derby Wheel from Play'n Go.
  • While most slots with a horse racing theme feature generic horses or popular racecourses, Slingo decided to celebrate a successful British-bred hurdler named Constitution Hill.
  • Several horse racing slots have high RTPs, especially Slingo releases that have average payout percentages of 96.3%.
  • All horse racing themed slot games are based on luck and there is no way to guarantee that a round will end in a payout.
  • You should always play horse racing themed slots and other casino games responsibly and never wager funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Prices quoted in copy are correct at time of publication but liable to change.