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The Betfair Beacons: Keep track of price moves with the Exchange's new feature

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Will our beacons point you to a winner?

Find out how we are making it easier for horse racing customers to keep track of price moves on the Betfair Exchange markets

  • Betfair Beacons test for horse racing customers

  • See which selections are trending up or down

  • Quick and clear access to vital data

Betfair are making it easier for horse racing customers to keep track of price moves on the Exchange markets with a new and innovative feature.

The Betfair Beacons will show you in an instant which horses are popular in the market and which are not.

What are Betfair Beacons?

The Betfair Beacons will appear as icons next to selections in the horse racing markets. Some will be fire or ice emojis while others will be arrows indicating whether a selection's price is trending up or down the market.

Beacons 1.png

Once you can see which runners are attracting and losing support, you can decide if you agree or disagree with the market's view and bet accordingly.
This feature is unique to the Betfair Exchange and it is only possible because our customers set the prices.

Beacons 2.png

How do Betfair Beacons work?

We establish an anchor price for a horse. Then we measure the percentage difference between the anchor price and the current live price. If the difference satisfies our minimum thresholds, a Betfair Beacon will display next to the horse.

All the data needed to do this is already available in our market graphs and price ladders. This just translates it for punters at a glance and shows them straightaway what is happening in the market.

Who will see the Betfair Beacons?

The Betfair Beacons will be trialled exclusively on Betfair Mobile to UK and Ireland horse racing customers.

As this is just a test, it will not involve all customers. Only some will see our nifty emojis and arrows while others will not see anything at all. For them, it will be business as usual on the Betfair Exchange.

Look out for the Betfair Beacons and let us know what you think.

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