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Opta Definitions: How Betfair settle football props bets

There are more football markets than ever on Betfair so here's a list of the Opta definitions that we use to settle props bets...

  • Opta definitions for football props bets

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  • Fouls, shots, saves and more covered here

We use Opta to settle our markets on fouls, cards, shots, saves, goalscorers and assists. Although Opta make every effort to ensure their data collection is as accurate as possible, they can sometimes review the statistics and make amendments. So, while it may appear as a shot on target on our site, this could change once the final review is complete.

See below for a list of Opta definitions accompanied by short explanations. This will help you understand how your bet will be settled.

Firstly, though, let us begin with Betfair's own 90 Minute Payout in our 'Match Odds 90' market.

Match Odds 90

For a full explainer, please click here to find all the details on what 90 Minute Payout is all about, and some real examples on which sides we have already paid out on this season.

Match Odds 90

Selecting a team to win within the match odds 90 market means your selection(s) will be settled as a winner as the clock hits 90:00, meaning goals scored in stoppage time will not ruin your bet.

If your selection is losing at 90:00, but goes on to win within stoppage time, you would also be settled as a winner. Essentially, Betfair pays out on two different match results within games where stoppage time goals change the result from that of 90:00 if you choose 'Match Odds 90' markets.

You can use this market for Accas, Bet Builders, or any multiples within football matches, but they only apply to match odds selections, not player related betting.

Fouls bets

To commit a foul (foul conceded)

A Foul Conceded is defined as any infringement penalised as foul play by a referee that results in a free-kick or penalty.

  • Offsides are not given as a foul conceded.
  • Incidents where a match official has played advantage and subsequently cautioned a player, do not contribute towards the total foul count for the player or team.

To be fouled (fouls won)

A Foul Won is defined as when a player wins a free kick or penalty for their team after being fouled by an opposing player.

There are no fouls won for a handball, dive, back pass, illegal restart, dissent, GK 6-second violation or obstruction where a free kick is conceded. These are defined as:

  • Handball - A deliberate hand ball by an opposition player.
  • Dive - A deliberate attempt for an opposition player to deceive the referee and win a free kick.
  • Back pass - A pass picked up by a Goalkeeper when played from a teammate.
  • Illegal restart - An opposition player has consecutive touches directly after a dead ball situation.
  • Dissent - A player shows dissent towards a match official.
  • GK 6-second violation - A Goalkeeper picks up the ball and holds onto it longer than 6 seconds.
  • Obstruction - A player traps the ball between their legs to stop an opposition player from playing the ball.

Shown a card bets

Cards are collected as yellow, second yellow or red card. Where possible Opta cross-check cards against official (referee) reports to match the official statistics - unless these are clearly incorrect.

Shots bets

You can bet on teams' and player's shots. Here is how Opta define shots on target, shots off target and blocked shots.

Shots on target/Shots off target

A shot on target is a deliberate attempt to score that is scored, saved by the goalkeeper or blocked by a last line defending player.

A shot off target is a deliberate attempt to score that misses the target, without contact from a player diverting the ball from on target to off target.

A shot hitting the frame of the Goal is classified as a Shot Off Target unless the ball subsequently enters the net.

Blocked shot

A blocked shot is not classified as a Shot Off Target. A blocked shot counts as a shot, and adds to a player and team's total number of shots in a game, but not their shots on target total.

Saves bets

A Save is when a goalkeeper prevents the ball from entering the Goal with any part of their body when facing an intentional attempt from an opposition player.

Saves have the following attributes:

  • Body part - Hands/Feet/Body/Fist.
  • Save type - Caught/Collected/Parried Safe/Parried/Fumble.
  • Goalkeeper position - Diving/Standing/Sliding/Reaching/Stooping Danger area/Fingertip.

This includes:

  • Unintentional or misplaced efforts on target from a Goalkeeper's own teammates, but only if the intervention is not perceived to be a routine collection of the ball.
  • If after a goalkeeper's intervention, a more prominent defensive action from a teammate prevents the ball from entering the goal, this will be categorised as a Block for the teammate, not a Save for the Goalkeeper.
  • If the ball goes behind the goal because of a goalkeeper intervention, the match officials must award a corner for it to be recognised as a Save.

Goalscorer bets

When there is any contention around assigning a Goal to an appropriate player, Opta will apply their own rules, and when applicable will align decisions to the relevant official competition, governing body.

Assist bets

The final touch from a teammate, which leads to the recipient of the ball scoring a Goal, is an assits.

If the assist is deflected by an opposition player, it must be deemed as travelling to the Goal-scorer irrespective of the deflection.

In the event of an own Goal, direct free kick Goal and direct corner Goal, an assist will not be awarded. This same rule applies to penalties unless the penalty taker chooses to pass the ball for another player to score.

Fantasy Goal Assist

When it comes to Fantasy Premier League (FPL), Betfair settle assists in line with the FPL.

Attributing a collection of assist events outside the conventional categorisation of Goal Assist. Classifies the final touch from a player on the scoring team as a Fantasy Assist, despite:

  • A heavily deflected pass or cross.
  • Shot on Target saved, rebound scored.
  • Blocked Shot, rebound scored.
  • Shot hit woodwork, rebound scored.
  • Shot off Target, remains in play, rebound scored.
  • Penalty won.
  • Free kick won by foul.
  • Free kick or penalty won from a handball.
  • Event preceding an own Goal (usually shot/pass/cross).

Score or be shown a card bets

If you back a player To Score or Be Shown a Card your bet wins if they score a goal (not including own goals) that is assigned to them (see Goalscorer above) or are shown a card - yellow or red - by the referee.

Score or assist bets

If you back a player To Score or Assist your bet wins if they score a goal (not including own goals) that is assigned to them (see Goalscorer above) or register an assist (see Assist above).

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