Tips for Playing Super Tight Opponents

Super tight players make mistakes in two fundamental areas, both of which are actually very simple to take advantage of.

Some poker players seem to avoid playing all but the very best hands, seeming to think that any marginal hand must have the plague. They wait and wait, hoping to pick up that big hand and win a big pot for their trouble. These players can be extremely annoying to play with, as their lack of play can make games stagnate. However, over the long run these players are actually quite weak, and if approached correctly can be some of the most profitable players at the table.

Super tight players make mistakes in two fundamental areas, both of which are actually very simple to take advantage of.

Firstly, because they only play extremely strong hands, they do not defend their blinds enough. As a result, these players should very quickly become an automatic target for you when you when they are in the blinds. There are some players in this genre so tight that you can basically open any hand when they are in the big blind, as you know that they will only defend a very small percentage of the time, and the constant turnover of winning their blinds more than pays for the odd occasion when they do actually have a hand.

Secondly, they make very bad implied odd mistakes. Because they are waiting for big hands, when they do have them, they tend to over stretch themselves. These players are often very good to get involved with in nearly any hand they play, as if you flop two pair or better you can nearly always win their stack as they get it all in with an over pair. Waiting so long for big hands seems to have a mysterious effect on these players, and they habitually seem to be unable to lay down hands post flop. Although this is fine for them against the weak players at the table, who pay them off with weak pairs and the such like, good players can eat them alive post flop due to the huge implied odds on offer whenever they actually are in a pot.

Many players seem to approach super tight players in a similar manner to other tighter players, but to do so is usually a recipe for disaster. Do not start paying off these players with hands like top pair, and do not just raise their blinds with good hands. These players make key mistakes that in reality are quite easy to take advantage of, but they also have strengths which have to be avoided. Super tight players can be frustrating to play with, but over the long run they can be just as profitable as the table fish if you attack them correctly.

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