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Crossroads of my life - busto!

Peter Jepsen / 04 March 2010 / 21 Comments

"So here I am, BUSTO, on the way to my own funeral, carrying my good health and heart in a bodybag - and dating my dick. "... Read more »

Tip of the month: Break your leg

Peter Jepsen / 11 January 2010 / Leave a comment

I had a lot of wishes for this years Christmas - but getting injured wasn't one of them. Even so, I broke my leg at the start of December. Just perfect for the Christmas holiday, New Year and all the... Read more »

Amsterdam's finest.... swine flu(!)

Peter Jepsen / 28 November 2009 / 1 Comments

So, I went to Amsterdam to play the Master Classics of Poker, and although I did pray for me to catch each and every river possible, I didn't pray for me to catch a healthy dose of swine flu.... Read more »

Sin City, Saunas and Johnny Chan

Peter Jepsen / 05 August 2009 / Leave a comment

The dust finally seems to settle after this years WSOP in Las Vegas. I was there for two weeks in May, and then for four weeks in June/July. This was my seventh visit to Sin City, and by far the... Read more »

San "Badbeat" Remo

Peter Jepsen / 24 April 2009 / Leave a comment

I guess I should have known things weren't going to go my way, the second I stepped off the plane in Nice, France. I was packing light for the trip, so I had decided to wear shorts and t-shirt, not... Read more »

Rocket Science

Peter Jepsen / 24 March 2009 / 4 Comments

When I feel like I'm running bad in poker, I tend to slow down a little and start to mix things up.... Read more »

Peter Jepsen - The First Blog

Peter Jepsen / 04 March 2009 / 1 Comments

A warm welcome to everyone reading my new blog at betting.betfair.com. Without too much introduction, I'm just going to jump right into it, and tell you a little bit about myself and my upcoming blogs.... Read more »

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