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San "Badbeat" Remo

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I guess I should have known things weren't going to go my way, the second I stepped off the plane in Nice, France. I was packing light for the trip, so I had decided to wear shorts and t-shirt, not realising it was going to freeze 5 degrees on board. Even though I was on row 14, I was the first one out, only to run head first into the heavy rain shower. What the ****? Did I accidentally take a flight to London??

I got into a cab and headed for San Remo, Italy. There's no airport there, but it's only 45 mins from Nice, so no big deal. Well, actually it's 3 hours from Nice, but the cab drivers go 150 miles an hour, in the most ridiculous curves, so after 3 puke-bags and a couple of I'm-gonna-die-now experiences, I was finally checking in at the hotel.

With all the trouble behind me, I bought an ugly sweater at an outrageous price in a nearby rip-off store, and I was ready to sit in the air-conditioned poker room. My table consisted of 7 complete blanks, Sami Kelopuro, the Finnish high stakes comet, and myself. Actually, come to think of it... My table consisted of 8 complete blanks, and myself. Sami is a world-class cash game player, but he can't play tournaments - or so I thought. After folding for 4 hours, I was sitting with 12.000 (started with 10K), and Sami had a staggering 50.000, and was kicking everyone's butt.

I decided to change gears after the dinner break and started off calling myself allin on the flop with AJ high, which was fortunately a really good (brave) call. He was drawing to a straight, and missed. I was up to almost 30.000 in chips - well above average. I opened up my game even more and in the next couple of orbits I took down quite a few hands bringing me to almost 35.000. Then the miracle happened....

For more than 2 years, I haven't hit a heater in a tournament, and as such I haven't been in the chiplead or close since I won the EPT, what seems 10 years ago. I've been grinding my way, every tournament and essentially getting badbeated or outflipped. This was all about to change...

With blinds 150-300, a guy with only 7K made it 1K from middle position. A fresh Italian from the SB called and so did I in the BB with red nines. Flop came 369 with 2 clubs. SB checks, I check and the small stack sticks in his last 6K. I was already adding the 9K to my stack when the SB announces "I call". I didn't know what to think, could this really be? A HEATER? I just flopped the NUTS and a guy moves allin for twice the pot, and another guy calls!!! I was looking to increase my stack with 15.000 - probably with no risk. I sized up the SB's stack and he had just about the same as myself. I begged he had a set of 3s or 6s and would call, and moved 25.000 chips across the line. He thought for what seemed to be ages before moving allin and I instantly made the call and flipped over my three nines. The Small stack was drawing dead, but the SB had one of the worst possible hands. A2 of clubs - he was drawing to a flush.

I looked at the chips and realised I would be a massive chipleader, should I win this 75K pot, with 4 hours still to go of day 1. Dealer didn't hesitate and threw the 8 of clubs right in my face within 2 seconds of me calling the allin. I didn't even get to think about it until the meaningless river was dealt and I was all out. What the ****? Cameras blitzing, Italians screaming, chips flying, and here I was - allin and all out, and nowhere near a chiplead.

Angry Italians and escorted out of casino

Needless to say I was pissed off. Tilted like a baby being parted from his toy. On my way out I met my good friend Asger, whom I told about my misfortune (sorry for the badbeat story bro). Then the most ridiculous thing happened. I was holding a water bottle someone put in my hand when I left the tournament and as I told him the story, I imagined the turn hit, and made an ugly face meanwhile sqeezing the bottle as hard as possible, which proved to be a "little" too hard. The cork came rocketing off. Water rises 2 metres up in the air and splashes down, right in the face of three Italians waiting in line at the cashier. Needless to say, they got REALLY pissed.

People screaming, some laughing others rushing over to see what happened. Everyone looking at me, including the security guy asking for my ID. I felt like slapping his face but instead I asked if he couldn't just clean up the mess. I was then "removed" from the Casino - went straight to my room, booked a flight home and even though I probably WILL return next year, I most certainly won't before.

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