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Rocket Science

News RSS / Peter Jepsen / 24 March 2009 / 4 Comments

When I feel like I'm running bad in poker, I tend to slow down a little and start to mix things up.

This Sunday I lost an ugly 30K pot on 25-50 PLO and (fortunately) quit right a way.... I thought I was gonna stop completely for the night, but after a late-night attack on the refrigerator, I realised I was stuffed but hungry for action. A sweet 50-100 NLH game was running with 4 people seated and decided to take a seat. I didn't wanna sit with 10K though, since I was already stuck considerably and I felt it was time to exercise some rocket science - that is, buyin small, and take it all the way to the stars :)

I took a look at my account balance and knew excactly what to do. My balance was XX3.542 USD and I have this peculiar thing that I don't like "odd" numbers on my account. So I threw in the 3.542 dollars at the table and posted BB right away. Within 4 hands the destination was set. I started out getting 99 allin against AJ. I won that race and proceeded to get AK and KK, which allowed me to re-raise preflop and take it down on the flop. Ding, I was up to 10K. This was only the start though....

After just 10 more hands I got AK in the BB and was fortunate enough to learn that the SB (an aggressive Swede) doesn't wanna get pushed around by ANYbody. He made it 400 to go and I popped it up to 1400. He instantly moved allin (Having me WELL covered) and I instantly called. He had AJ like the guy before him, and DING, I was up to 20K.

One more round passed by and I got KQs in the BB. This time a huge fish makes it 300 from middle position and the aggresive Swede makes it 1100. I know he's just trying to isolate the fish, so being 20K deep I decide to call. The fish folds and I'm HU against the wild card. The flop comes Q97 rainbow. He fires 1800 and I call. Turn is another Q. Now I'm quite confident I have the best hand, but confidence is challenged when aggressive Scandies keep betting. He makes it 4000 and I call. River is a J and he moves allin instantly for his stack that still covers me well. I have about 13K left, and call without further hesitation. He shows 84s and - DING - I'm up to 40K.

Two rounds pass by and I can feel the Swede is getting pissed off by the situation. Some f*** fish sits with 3.5K and now has 40K in less than 30 minutes. I'd be pissed off too if I was the donator. The fish raises it up to 300 again, and the Swede calls. I make it 1300 from the BB with KK. My stack is about 45K and the Swede STILL has me covered (yes, he had 100K when I sat at the table, and had been crushing it completely). The fish folds and Sweden calls. Flop is 78J. Not a particular good flop, allthough I still feel like I'm in front.

After short consideration I decide to check the flop, since I kind of know that if I bet, he might call just to bet me off my hand on the turn - but by checking I'm raising his bluff ratio drasticly. He comes off firing 2500 right away and I call. The turn is a 5. I check and he checks behind. I think by now he's figured out that I'm simply going to check-call him down. The river is a 9 though, making the board look kind of scary with 5789J. I check and he shoots 12.500 at me. I think for only a few seconds before I call and he shows 44 for nothingham. I collect the pot and my stack is now up to 60K.

I win a few more hands but at 65K my internet suddenly crashes and it takes me 20 minutes to get back on. Once back, I decided that when you've come from zero to hero and travelled all the way to the stars, you better god damn listen when you get a sign to stop - and this was my cue for bedtime :)

By the way, dreams are sweet when you've just made an 1800% return on investment, in just 50 minutes.

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Comments (4)

  1. Richard | 24 March 2009

    You are my Hero !

  2. john tabatabai | 26 March 2009


  3. isak | 01 April 2009

    Hej Zupp.

    Hvad sker der med Erlandsen-udfordringen?
    Er han for skrap eller er det bare det s├Ždvanlige mundgejl fra din side?

  4. Stive | 03 April 2009

    i could do better.

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