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Crossroads of my life - busto!

News RSS / Peter Jepsen / 04 March 2010 / 21 Comments

"So here I am, BUSTO, on the way to my own funeral, carrying my good health and heart in a bodybag - and dating my dick. "

There's a shotgun and a bank to the left, and a rope and a coffin to the right.

During times of crisis, such as the credit crunch shithole which the whole world is stuck in right now, it is common for larger companies to re-evaluate their assets and true value. There's hardly a bank anywhere in the whole world that hasn't made an extraordinarily large write-down lately.

It seems, the time has come, for me to make some write-downs as well. It's not easy to face the fact that all you got left, is worthless crap, and the fortunes you thought you build up, have actually become strays of hay, you're desperately holding on to.

So what happened to me?

Well, 2009 was literally "worse than I ever thought possible". Not only pokerwise, but life in general. Apart from not cashing in a single tournament, I can't recall dragging just one big pot in a cash game either. I'll spare you the endless list of suckouts, badbeats and tilt - let's just say, it was a sick, horrible fucking nightmare, and I sincerely wouldn't hope for this to happen even to my worst enemy.

On top of this almost every single investment I ever made, collapsed upon itself during 2009, and each and every son of a b***** that owes me money, decided to run and hide or simply tell me they were busted, and could never repay me.

As a little bonus, the Danish tax authorities, finally closed their case against me, and regardless of my full and thorough cooperation for years, I had to pay an unreasonably huge bill, with money I basically no longer had.

So I squeezed the last drop of blood out of my sore ass, and paid it all, and attempted to regain focus, and started thinking about my somewhat uncertain future. Thankfully, I still had my good health and my girlfriend, the love of my life.

Well, think again!

Upon moving into my new apartment that, by the way, I can no longer afford, I caught the swine flu. This kept me down for a good while, and having only just recuperated, I broke my foot.

In the meantime, I had developed a serious case of chronic inflammation in all of my fingers. Unable to move around or even use my hands properly, I was successfully being prevented from working out. So I got completely out of shape, and started getting headaches, possibly from slamming a keyboard into my face a ridiculous amount of times in utter disbelief and dispair.

When life pulls these kind of unreal, unjustified tricks on you, there's a tendancy to go insane and start shooting random people around you. I didn't do that, but I did manage to get so messed up, that the love of my life, couldn't even stand me anymore, and left.

So here I am, BUST-fucking-O, on the way to my own funeral, carrying my good health and heart in a bodybag - and dating my dick.

It's time to write-down my assets, and from the looks of it, I can't even buy an ice cream.

The crossroad I'm standing at, offers no easy way out. There's a shotgun and a bank to the left, and a rope and a coffin to the right, and straight ahead lies the endless desert.

I know where I'm going, because you can't keep a good man down.... but it sure as hell feels like someone is trying their best.


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Comments (21)

  1. MrKangaroo | 04 March 2010

    It's just part of the game. If it doesn't break you it makes you stronger. Good luck rebuilding, MrKangaroo

  2. is it ghostbusters2? | 05 March 2010

    i like to punch myself when i make bad plays rather than bad beats hoping for a pavlovian response.
    at least you got the 10% in betfair stocks from beating tatababa?

  3. Rake360 | 05 March 2010

    jeez what a nightmare you are having. I'm sure you will bounce back man, get some stakes and rungood in life and hopefully in poker :)

    glgl and lolol @ "Bust-fucking-O".

  4. bethammer | 08 March 2010

    i met you in copenhagen when you were unvieled , really hope you pull it around good luck.

  5. Lazke | 09 March 2010

    find a screenwriter Zupp, seriously, ask for a meeting to tell the whole truth, including all the back room poker, and all the bets, the up's and downs, the roadtrip.. you got an epic story to tell for sure.

  6. lederer13 | 10 March 2010

    I feel your pain, man. On a smaller scale of things, same kind of events happened to me as well recently.

    I don´t know you Peter but you seem like a guy who can rise from that kind of bs and be even stronger.

    Best of luck to you (though I don´t think you´ll need much of it)

  7. Pernille | 10 March 2010

    Det lyder som en hård omgang. Men godt at se dig igen i Kbh. Hold hovedet højt og husk dette: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!!!

  8. camel | 10 March 2010

    Keep ur head up life goes on..

  9. Sunglasses | 11 March 2010

    What do not kill only makes you stronger in the future... This is a sad part of the life.
    But sooner or later the sun will shine again and your luck will be back.
    Trust on your own skills and never loose the hope!

    Good luck mate!

  10. Jonny | 11 March 2010

    I agree... Everything that seemed to happen is because of you and your greed throughout the years of your success! So man up and stop being a girl!
    Thats called Karma, what goes around comes around Peter... Does Ladbrokes ring a bell?

  11. PETER JEPSEN | 11 March 2010

    shocker that your girl left you when u went busto... haha i mean , look at you

    maybe you shouldent have bragged about your life in that documentary, or bragged about winnin that big pot a couple a years ago, when it for a fact wasnt you playing.


    GL rebuliding tho, YOU WONT MAKE IT

  12. redimps3000@hotmail.com | 11 March 2010

    Nedern Zupp! Har mødt/snakket med dig til et par events rundt om i verden (CPC og sad bla på bord sammen i 1k rebuy for to år siden i vegas) og har selv fået ødelagt alt omkring mig. Pokerkarrieren og en kæreste der er så godt som smuttet. Føler med dig. En stærk soldat rejser sig altid igen. Er selv i gang med den lange vej. Skriv evt til min mail, så drikker vi en bajer sammen en dag. Så kan to gamle broke guys komme ud med lidt galle!!

  13. Andy | 12 March 2010

    Hey Peter. Rigtig røv! Det du går igennem er desværre en erhvervsrisiko som enhver pokerspiller har :( Jeg kunne ikke selv håndtere det til sidst og valgte at stoppe før det gik galt. Det er et hårdt liv. Jeg har valgt at søge ind på en videregående uddannelse som passer mine interesser såvel som udnytter mine skills. Måske du skal kigge i den retning? Vi er stadig unge. Ved at du har ego at tilfredsstille og det sikkert ikke ville skade med en "change of fresh air". Jeg har ikke droppet mine planer med poker, men vælger at gøre comeback senere. Et andet godt råd jeg har er dette: Der er en poolhal i nordvest, Pool Pub(rentemestervej), hvor et månedskort koster 400 kr. Kom op og stress af og find dit fokus igen. Ved du er glad for pool :) Vi spillede for lang tid siden på a bar en del gange under din soldatertid.

    Held og lykke med dit comeback i livet. Kan være vi ses! GL Andy

  14. Devilfish | 13 March 2010

    Hey Zupp.

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

    Could you be a good sport and send me Fridas number ? You know i will threat here like a princess...


  15. Segel | 13 March 2010

    I love the way you write: the honesty and the style. Hopefuly Betfair is giving you some nice cash for that as your blog was certainly the reason I came to this site.

    After a run like that it is certainly hard to find the motivation to start grinding again from the bottom. But unfortunately, as you know, that is the only real way to make the comeback. So get some cash together and start grinding the online poker games where you made the foundation of your last bankroll.

  16. nr2igen | 14 March 2010

    ej hvor er det synd. mænd efter den sang, du har lavet der, forstår man Bedre hvorfor smukke Frida gik.

    gl fremover.find grav et job.pokeren slår dig i. ...

  17. AP | 16 March 2010

    You are a star player. I cannot believe the bad run you got into but you know who you are and you can beat anyone on a good day, and half of us on a bad day.

    Start from NL50 if you have to but your quality doesn't fade with a unbelieveable bad run.

    You're one of the top 5%. Stay playing and you will win a fortune.

  18. LOLish | 16 March 2010

    WOW, now can u ask Alex KP to stake you...

    KARMA is a BITCH right?

  19. Thomas | 06 April 2010

    You can get yourself out of this shit!! I believe in you! Personally I think you should have stashed that money in the cayman islands before giving everything you have to the tax authorities. But hey, I think you will be back on your feet sooner or later. And your girl-friend will probably want you back once you recuperate as well. I had a horrible year too, but things are starting to get back to normal, and they might even get better. I hope the same happens to you.

  20. Frank | 20 April 2010

    if you would have been nicer to people, life would have treated you better :)
    it's called kharma peter and i sincerely hope you have learned from it!

  21. nick123 | 20 April 2010

    read BSFF, and you probably will understand your problems, GL

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