GSOP 9 Event #17: Almost $95,000 In Winnings For Team Betfair Players!

Event #17 of the Grand Series Of Poker 9 (GSOP) saw the stakes upped to $525 for the GSOP and $54 for the mini-GSOP, with guaranteed prize pools of $500,000 and $100,000 respectively. Although no Team Betfair player won, they did cash more than 100 times in total, have four players on the final table and won almost $95,000.

Although no Team Betfair player won, they did cash more than 100 times in total, have four players on the final table and won almost $95,000

GSOP 9 Event #17: $500+$25 No Limit Hold'em ($500,000 guaranteed)

The $525 buy-in event was the only event during GSOP 8 earlier in the year that I felt out of my depth in. This time around I was much more confident but I still knew I would be sharing a table with some very talented players at some point.

That fear became reality when around 30-45 minutes in I found myself on a table with the likes of Mathew "get thereeee" Frankland (ranked third in the UK) and Dominik "TJ Cookier" Nitsche who is a very aggressive player and a World Series of Poker bracelet winner. Thankfully, I did not have to take on these two players in any pots otherwise I would probably have had my ass handed to me!

I could easily fill three pages with the hands that went down in this event, mainly because I lost a big pot early on and spent the rest of the tournament playing the short-stack ninja and doubling up every now an then. I did make it into the money, finishing in 156th for an additional $698.52, whilst the likes of Frankland (54th) and Toby Lewis (37th) also made money.

It was a good night for Betfair Ambassadors too, John "kunku wap" Tabatabai cashed in 116th place after leading the tournament in the early stages (and by some margin too), whilst Jonathan "JohnDriscoll" Driscoll made it to the final table before he busted in seventh place, a result worth $13,705.

GSOP 9 Event #17 Statistics

Total entrants: 1,045
Team Betfair entrants: 249 (23.83% of the field)
Team Betfair cashes: 45 (18.07% ITM)
Team Betfair winnings: $75,824.54

GSOP 9 Mini-Event #17: $50+$4 No Limit Hold'em ($100,000 guaranteed)

Mini-Event #17 saw a huge field of 2,090 players take part, 354 of those being from Betfair Poker and 65 of those Betfair player helping themselves to a slice of the $104,500 prize pool. Unfortunately, I was not one of those who made it into the money.

I donked off my chips during the 250/500/40a level when Whoarinzone_ opened to 1,000 from middle position. I was two to his left and thought that a three-bet all-in for my 7,260 chips would win the 2,150 already in the pot without a contest. Instead Lead4EveR called in the cutoff with Jc-Jh, RL_22 called in the big blind with 3s-3c and the initial raiser called with Ah-Kc; leaving me with just 8% equity! By the river the board read As-9c-5s-Kh-7s and I was sent home in 1,056th.

Thankfully 65 Team Betfair players were not as fishy as me and they helped themselves to some prize money. Steaknchips2 was the first player to pick up some money, this 360th place finish just on the right side of the bubble. He was joined in winner's row by bggAA (182nd), Jagshemash (99th), thehempy1 (87th), Toby "Tony Almedia" Lewis (47th), fatb0imashup (33rd) and RR-T0T0Nr1 (12th).

A big shout goes to Pburress for finishing eighth, djronandoc for coming sixth and harwell2 for being the Team Betfair player who progressed the farthest, in fifth.

GSOP 9 Mini-Event #17 Statistics

Total entrants: 2,090
Team Betfair entrants: 354 (16.94% of the field)
Team Betfair cashes: 65 (18.36% ITM)
Team Betfair winnings: $18,009.69

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