GSOP 9 Event #15: EzLavezzi Scoops The $42,430 Winner's Prize

Event #15 of the Grand Series of Poker 9 (GSOP) saw almost a quarter of a million dollars up for grabs. Which Team Betfair players managed to get their hands on some of that lovely money?

GSOP 9 Event #15: $190+$10 No Limit Holdem 1R1A ($200,000 Guaranteed)

The $200 buy-in event did not go to plan for many of the Team Betfair players, but we still found ourselves with 14 players finishing in the money places, taking a combined $16,058.94 from the prize pool. The Netherlands' joachim249 was the first player to help themselves to some cash ($551.59), whilst the first of our players to walk away with four-figures was DixiPax of Denmark who picked up $1,181.99 for their 27th place finish.

H8RunsDeep of Canada busted in 15th, Owleyes2222 bubbled the final table by finishing in 11th and out highest placed finisher was Finland's niecheman who busted out in 9th place, good for $3,713.40.

GSOP 9 Mini-Event #15 Statistics

Total entrants: 620
Team Betfair entrants: 99 (15.97% of the field)
Team Betfair cashes: 14 (14.14% ITM)
Team Betfair winnings: $16,058.94

GSOP 9 Mini-Event #15: $20+$2 No Limit Hold'em 1R1A ($30,000 Guaranteed)

The one rebuy one add-on events are one of my favourite poker tournament formats, mainly because I seem to naturally do well in them, but also because they see the prize pool boosted significantly without giving an unfair advantage to those players with huge bankrolls who can afford to rebuy at will.

Despite my love for the game, mini-Event #15 was not going too well until I got very lucky against the Betfair regular Doobs. He opened to 160 from UTG+1 during the 40/80 level and then called when I three-bet to 405 to his direct left. The pair of us shared the 7s-9d-Jh flop, Doobs checking and me checking behind. The 10d turn saw Doobs fire a bet of 720 into the 930 pot and I called after misreading my stack size (I should have shoved I think). The river was the Kd and Doobs fired again, making it 1,600 into 2,370. As I held As-Qd I shoved for 3,330 in total and Doobs found a fold.

I won another nice pot with ace-queen when paymyrope decided to bluff the river of the 6h-Qc-Kc-As-7d board with Td-9d, but the one of the biggest pots of the night came during the 200/400/20a level when the action folded to Scumbrian on the button and he made it 1,200 to play. I was the big blind with a pair of kings and re-raised to 3,250 only to see villain make it 8,000. I only had a further 13,574 behind so shoved, was called by Js-Jh and despite the scare on the 2h-Kh-Qd-Ac-9d board I doubled up.

The wheels started to fall off when I created a sticky position for myself with pocket threes. At the 400/800/80a level, Papa.Smerf opened to 1,600 in the lojack and I opted to three-bet to 3,600 next to act. CROSSbl8 was the button and he four-bet all-in for 9,842 in total and when the action folded to me I made the call and lost to Ah-Kc.

I then give another 10k chips away making a rubbish bluff with king-queen on a 5c-10c-4h-5s-Js board before sliding down to 13 big blinds. These turned into 32 Biebers when my Ah-9c prevailed against Your coach's Ad-Qd but again I slipped back down to standings around the money bubble as the bigger stacks took control.

With another cash secure, I moved in with Qd-9h for 12,627 (blinds 1,250/2,500/250a) and was called by the As-Ks of ddr88 and when the board ran out 7s-3s-5d-Qs-8c it was game over, 90th place was mine.

Meanwhile a whole host of Team Betfair players were busy helping themselves to cash too, including Bear&Vodka who when we compile the stats has to be the most consistent player of the GSOP. All of our performances were outdone by two Brits who finished sixth and second respectively, dekk4 earning $1,357.15 and Cigar71 $4,665.19, the latter becoming the umpteenth runner up at GSOP 9.

GSOP 9 Mini-Event #15 Statistics

Total entrants: 790
Team Betfair entrants: 126 (15.95% of the field)
Team Betfair cashes: 21 (16.67% ITM)
Team Betfair winnings: $9,093.59

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