Betting offers

One of the great benefits that online betting has brought to gamblers everywhere is a huge range of betting offers across various different websites and bookmakers.

Compared to the era when high street betting shops were enjoying their heyday, the modern online betting experience gives gamblers more perks and more opportunities to win without necessarily having to spend any money.

The rise of betting sites across the world has increased the competition for customers, and this has helped to generate a wonderful amount of variety and choice for anyone looking to place a bet online.

While online betting destinations vary in the products, features and services they provide to their members, it is often the betting offers listed on their homepages that help new customers to decide where to spend their hard-earned money.

New customer offers

Nearly all online betting sites give new members an incentive to join by dangling the carrot of free bets or bonuses when the player makes their first wager on the site.

At some sites, this welcome bonus will take the form of a matched deposit, and this can be an attractive betting offer. Some online bookmakers will match your first deposit up to £200, giving you the chance to double your winnings from your first bet.

However, there is of course the chance that your first bet won't be successful, and the appeal of matched deposit betting offers often loses out to the draw of free bets, which some online betting destinations offer to new members in order to give them a few attempts to get their new account off to a good start.

Betfair, for example, offers new members three free £10 bets when they make their first £10 sportsbook bet. This offer takes the pressure off that first bet, and allows anyone new to the art of online gambling the opportunity to try their hand at different markets, to help them get their bearings.

Free bet offers

Betting offers are not just for new members of online betting sites. The very best sites keep their customers happy by maintaining a steady flow of offers and promotions, and it is well worth taking the time to discover what is out there for online gamblers when it comes to h3 offers. If you're treating your online betting destination like a high street betting shop, you might be missing out on some great perks!

A free bet offer can provide a chance to cut loose and have fun with your online betting account. If you've been sticking to a regimented strategy that is serving you well, you might relish the opportunity to dabble in a wager that sits outside the markets you normally focus on, and enjoy experimenting with betting styles and systems that you wouldn't normally use.

Betting sites like Betfair have free bet offers appearing in a near-constant rotation amongst a range of other offers and promotions. For example, you might notice that certain odds are offered alongside a free bet, so your wager on a 3/1 selection in the 19:10 at Bellewstown on a given Friday might see you receive a free bet token to the same value of your stake if your horse wins.

You might choose to take that free bet and build it into the betting strategy you are already using, or you might use it to have a free try at a brand new market, or treat yourself to a punt on those long odds that you've been eyeing up but not brave enough to try!

Free bet offers are also easy to find on non-sportsbook options, and at Betfair you will almost always find free bets to enjoy within the site's arcade and casino offerings.

Money back offers

From time-to-time, online betting sites give you a helping hand and pick you up when you're down.

One of the most frustrating moments any gambler faces is learning that you have backed a non-runner. After carefully studying the form, browsing the odds, and making your selection, you watch as the horse you backed pulls out of the race, or the driver with your money riding on him crashes out on the final lap.

Money back betting offers rescue those moments and turn them into new betting opportunities. By keeping your eyes peeled for money back betting offers, you can watch the action unfold without fear, as you know your stake is safe.

Racing events are particularly popular for money back betting offers, with bookmakers giving you the opportunity to back selections in big events like the Grand National in horse racing and the British Grand Prix in Formula One, with a guarantee of your money back if your selection fails to finish the race.

Accumulator offers

The rise in popularity of accumulator bets, particularly in team sports like football, cricket, and rugby, has shaped the way betting sites and bookmakers cater for customers who focus their betting heavily on this type of bet.

'Acca insurance' is one of the offers that can be found, which gives you protection against those heartbreaking moments when one part of your accumulator lets you down.

Because accumulator bets require multiple outcomes to all come true in order for a payout to be triggered, there is always a chance that you will face a situation where all but one of your predictions prove successful, only for the last one to fail and leave you with nothing.

Accumulator offers and 'acca insurance' typically guarantee you your stake back if only one leg of your accumulator lets you down. So if, for example, you have selected four or more Premier League matches in which you think both teams will score, and you have backed those fixtures in an accumulator, if one of the matches ends goalless you will receive your entire stake back.

Offers such as these might not make you any profit, but they certainly ease your losses and give you the chance to rethink your next bet in the hope of a better outcome.