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The Betfair Beacons: New feature lights up Exchange price moves

Fire and ice hit the Exchange!

Betfair are making it easier for horse racing customers to keep track of price moves on the Exchange with a new feature that will make market information instantly accessible...

  • Identify shorteners and drifters in an instant

  • Make quicker and better betting decisions

  • Customers said Betfair Beacons helped them

With the launch of the Betfair Beacons this December horse racing bettors will find it easier to keep track of price moves on Exchange markets.

The old days of having to stay glued to a market to see which horses are shortening and which are drifting will be a thing of the past.

The Betfair Beacons are here to light up a more efficient era where price movement is visible immediately.

A flames Beacon will show for horses that are popular in the market and are shortening.

Horses that are not popular in the market that are drifting will be marked by a snowflake.

You can see a mobile view of how the Beacons look below.

Beacons mob view.png

Betfair Beacons are a winner with customers

The Beacons will not provide any information that isn't already available (all the data is in Betfair Exchange market graphs and price ladders) but they will pull it all together and make it possible for you to process it at a glance.

You will no longer need to click into runners and check market graphs to see price trends, as the information will be surfaced for you automatically in those flames and snowflakes.

They will indicate which selections are attracting money in the market and which are unpopular.

You will be able to make quicker and better betting choices.

This feature is unique to the Betfair Exchange and is only possible because it is you - our customers - who set the prices.

Why it's time for the Betfair Beacons

Earlier this year, Betfair trialled the Beacons with Exchange customers who found having instant access to key market information helpful.

The Betfair Beacons helped them make more informed decisions about which horses to back.

Roughly one in three of the horses that were identitifed as shorteners by the Betfair Beacons went on to win.

How the Betfair Beacons work

Betfair establish an anchor price for a horse then measure the percentage difference between the anchor price and the current live price.

If the difference is at least 7.5% a Betfair Beacon will display next to the horse.

Beacons are calculated using pre-race prices and will appear next to runners in the build-up, with the final status of the Beacons fixed during the race.

We think you are going to love them but, if you don't like the Betfair Beacons, they can be turned off in settings.

Betfair Beacons FAQs

If you have any questions about the Betfair Beacons you should be able to find answers here.

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