Cricket on the Betfair Exchange: Watch Episode 2 of our expert guide

England v India Test cricket 2024
Watch our expert guide to cricket betting on the Betfair Exchange

In episode two of Betfair's Forecasting for Cricket Markets Webinar, Ed Hawkins speaks to two cricket researchers about how you can use forecasting for successful Exchange betting...

  • Watch our essential guide to cricket forecasting

  • Cricket the number one sport on the Betfair Exchange

  • Ed Hawkins talks to two academic experts

  • The expert guide to cricket betting on the Betfair Exchange gives you vital information about how you can make the best bets.

    In 2023, cricket finished in top spot for volume on the Exchange, outperforming football by a whopping £14 billion, as punters bet on Test matches, the Cricket World Cup, the IPL and much more.

    This is already shaping up to be another big year for cricket and could set new records for volume on the Exchange.

    Episode 2 in our series could give you a decisive edge as you make the most of the brilliant opportunities on offer from Betfair.

    Watch the Webinar here!

    In Episode 2 in our three part series on "Forecasting for Cricket Markets", Betting.Betfair cricket writer and Cricket Only Bettor podcast host Ed Hawkins talks to two cricket researchers - Ian McHale, Professor of Sports Analytics at the University of Liverpool, and Muhammad Asif, Head of Statistics at the University of Malakand, Pakistan.

    They discuss the "Asif-McHale in-play forecasting model" and explain everything you need to know about the specific in-play factors which contribute towards the model.

    The team also discuss the importance of market calibration when betting on cricket on the Betfair Exchange. What is it, how does it work and why does it matter?

    Episode 2 is an essential watch for anyone who wants to trade cricket on the Betfair Exchange.

    If you haven't already watched Episode 1 then catch up here.

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