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A user of Bf Bot Manager explains how the software can be used to automate your betting strategy on Betfair...

"After reading through the user manuals and looking at some of the well-made videos of the product, I felt it was worth a second look and what had I to lose? Nothing."

As with most people these days, getting time to make some extra money using Betfair is hard to say the least. This is where automated betting software comes into its own and having decided to take the plunge, I came across one such bot which offered a free trial and a one-off licence key payment, with updates free for life.  

After reading through the user manuals and looking at some of the well-made videos of the product, I felt it was worth a second look and what had I to lose? Nothing. After acquiring my free licence key I proceeded to install the software onto my computer. This software runs off a Windows-only package. 

This was a smooth process and on opening the application I was greeted with a choice of bots which incorporated Trading, Dutching, Back/Lay, Multi Strategy, Soccer Draw and Notes. After careful scrutiny I decided the MS-Bot is what I was looking for. It is an add-on to the overall package and so I needed a separate licence key. It also had a monthly subscription fee of £14.95, which is reasonable considering what it had to offer. What caught my eye was the fact I could run multiple strategies at once, on different sporting events on Betfair. I could also trade on and recover losses using other set ups. This was a new concept to me and with the designer of the bot willing to add suggested settings by users, it was definitely worth looking into.

Having read through the user manual, I got more information from forum users, who seemed very willing to help out. Apparently I could save, import and export setups from different users using zip files. If you struggle with a setup, the design team would send across the zipped setup file and it could then be extracted to run safely in simulation mode, until you were happy it was doing what you asked it to do. So with all this knowledge sinking in, I began with a basic idea of laying a selection and if that selection lost, I would try and recover that loss with a backing setup.

Having never even thought of a concept like this I was eager to proceed. With only six runners to contend with in greyhound racing, I decided to Lay the second favourite and recover any losses by backing the fourth, fifth and sixth favourite.

I also made a video of the process, which can be seen below:

It's all a learning process but Bf Bot Manager suited my needs and I have no doubt it will suit others. As with all automated software it's what you put into it and with foresight and a good platform like Betfair, you can create a mass of ideas and run with them, long term. What is even better in this instance is that you can be part of the whole design process, with your suggested settings, added on request, for free. If you are more adventurous, you can custom design your own bot within Bf Bot Manager, so all in all everything is covered. 

I am no computer geek, but I managed my way around this betting software and the good news is it's being constantly improved upon. 

All videos of strategies are just examples and should not be used, as losses may occur. Please bet sensibly. 

For further information please visit Bf Bot Manager. 

For a selection of Betting Apps for please see the Betfair App Directory.   

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