What is a Same Game Multi?

Betfair has launched 'Same Game Multi' which allows customers to build their own acca bets within one match, with loads of markets offered. Here's the lowdown...

What is a Same Game Multi?

The product allows customers on sports including football and NFL to combine multiple selections within a single event to build an accumulator. This is the first time Betfair punters have been able to build their own bet - previously they could only request it via #OddsOnThat on our social channels.

How does it work?

Same Game Multi displays in its own section at the top of the betslip. When multiple selections are added, the options to place singles displays as normal below. To win, each of the different bets in the Multi - for example, number of cards, number of corners, number of goals - need to land. If one part of the bet doesn't land, the bet is a loser.

The Same Game Multi works in a similar way to a traditional accumulator, the difference being it's individual markets within a single event, rather than separate matches.

Why use the Betfair Same Game Multi?

We have more markets available than any other competitor, while customers will be able to place as many as 20 in the same selection (it's six elsewhere). When one leg of a Same Game Multi is voided, we allow the bet to carry on with the combined price of the remaining legs (other operators void the entire bet). Another feature exclusive to Betfair is the ability to bet from any tab on the event page. Need any more reasons to use Betfair? Same Game Multis have been set up to allow special offers - so keep an eye out for those.

Where can I find it and how do I place a bet?

The Same Game Multi is displayed within its own tab on desktop and mobile. Updated prices will be given as more selections are added. Customers will be given the option to confirm the bet before placement.